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CromulentVille 2 – Map Labs Test Tube #7 Mapping Challenge Announcement

The most infamous Ville returns! The next Map Labs Test Tube (6-day) mapping challenge starts now! CromulentVille 2 starts now and runs through Monday, February 23rd. Get mapping! (You get an extra day on the front end cause the theme was guessed correctly in the Map Labs Discord!).

Theme Details

Just like in the original CromulentVille, mappers must create a weird, silly, strange, bizarre, surreal, peculiar, etc. map. That is, a perfectly cromulent map.

Here’s the official announcement (click for full version):

CromulentVille2 Announcement

Note the optional Bonus Challenges, just to add even more cromulentness to the maps.


The deadline for submission is Sunday 23rd February 2020. A whole week this time!

16th February 2020 6 Comments