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Poll Question 316 – How do you feel when a mod limits access to the console?

Does anybody else remember how in The Citizen 2 when you tried to noclip around, almost immediately you ere taken to a jail within the mod?

It was kinda cool and pretty clever too. At least at first. But then later on I remember feeling that I needed it. I’m not sure if there was a bug or a script didn’t start or something, but then I became a little frustrated. I don’t remember what happened but I must have alsoved the problem because I definitely remember finishing the mod.

13th August 2015 33 Comments

Classic of the Month: This Saturday: Hour Glass

This Saturday 9am EDT / 1pm GMT Don aka Unq will be livestreaming Hour Glass on the RTSL Twitch Channel as part of the Classic of the Month event.

Viewing is open to everybody and you don’t need an account with Twitch to watch. Although, you’ll need an account to join the chat (Sorry, not our choosing) but you can follow it without an account.

Don has mentioned he will try to remove any inappropriate content so as not to shock your sensitive minds.

12th August 2015 2 Comments


for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Station 60 was one of the last Resistance station created. As such it is slightly bigger and better hidden than most other stations.

Its exact location is a very closely guarded secret and even the personnel are taken their blindfolded and with a very circuitous route.

Even its purpose and objective is know to only a few high-ranking resistance leaders.


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August 2015 General Chat

Firstly, Woo Hoo! Summer is here and I am on holiday for a month. It’s greta knowing you don’t have to get up early if you don’t want to, although I was upo at 6:30am this morning to go cycling.

Secondly, sorry about not creating a July General chat post. It was all connected with my health issue, which I will update everyone on in the Sorry for the lack of updates post a bit later today. In short, I am more or less able to use the PC for most things, although I doubt I could actually play a game, mod or map for more than about 20 minutes still.

Lastly, I’ll begin to update the site over the coming days and might even have a little surprise project to post soon.

So, what’s on your mind?

Oh, I’m gonna post more images of my Nook screensaver this week. I now have about 5 Half-Life themed images.

1st August 2015 37 Comments