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for Half-Life 2

About This is a four-level single player mod from a first-time author. Some of the buildings and open spaces have been taken from the original game. Basic Details Title: Next File Name: hl2-sp-next.7z Size : 16.14MB Author: Dmitry Voropay Date Released: 29 November 2006 Download Options Download to your HDD [16.1MB] Screenshots Click on the… Read More


Total Downloads: 1,03721st February 2007
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Day Of Redemption: Chapter 1

for Half-Life 2

About After three months of civil war, the Combine Forces together with the Civil Protection controls City-17 once again. They now rule the city with an iron hand, crushing everyone who opposes them. Only a few citizens has yet the courage to confront them. You are one of them… Reader Recommendations Avoid It! Think Twice… Read More


Total Downloads: 1,42318th February 2007
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HW Upgrade

for Half-Life 2

Author’s Note “My first Mod/Mappack di Half-life2 (single player) that it has cost to me more than 1 year and means of job (to intermittenza) It tells the history of 1 customer who scale the board until arriving to Admin (than ambiguous history) the Mod/Mappack is dedicated completely to the forum of Hw-upgrade (w*” Basic… Read More


Total Downloads: 1,12416th February 2007
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The Message – Mod Story Idea

Introduction Here is a story I have written with the idea of a mod in mind. As with most of my stories I will set the scene and then explain the thinking and planning behind it. The Message Kurban wakes to the sound that has haunted him for quite a while now. The sound of… Read More

13th February 2007 9 Comments

Map and Releases Comparison for – Half-Life 1 and 2

Introduction Here is a research idea that would simply require the collection of data, which is then presented in a graphical manner. This data and presentation would then form the basis of a number of questions to be further investigated. Interested? Then read on.

11th February 2007 16 Comments

Research Projects

Introduction One area that really interests me is research. I’m sure that there are plenty of potential research projects that could yield valuable data. How cool would it be if PlanetPhillip readers could participate with some universities that are conducting research into video gaming. As PP becomes more popular its user base increases. This user-base… Read More

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