Research Projects

11th February 2007


One area that really interests me is research. I’m sure that there are plenty of potential research projects that could yield valuable data. How cool would it be if PlanetPhillip readers could participate with some universities that are conducting research into video gaming.

As PP becomes more popular its user base increases. This user-base has specific things in common (The love of SP FPS games being the obvious one!) but also a wide variety of age, social and geographical differences. Both these points would make the user-base a perfect captive market for researchers.

I had planned to list a number of research projects that I believe would be interesting to conduct but once I started writing I realized that I only had two worth publishing and both deserve a separate detailed post.

So, this post ended-up being a call to video game researchers to contact me and consider using my readership to provide valuable data and also a chance for you to tell me your ideas for research projects.

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