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NPCs 2

for Half-Life 2

About Author’s Note: “This map is intended for fun. It is not meant to be a serious map that is to be taken seriously. If you were one of the. maybe, 20 to play with me in Gmod, then you know how fun it is. I have received a good amount of feedback stating that… Read More


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for Half-Life

Story You are Adam from the planet Esidarap. This planet is pristine with no violence, weapons or pollution of any kind. The members of this society have never been exposed to the evil ways of other primitive planets and Esidarap’s world council want to keep it that way. The people of Esidarap are born with… Read More


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Accidental Life

for Half-Life

Basic Details I’ll update this map soon. Reader Recommendations Avoid It! Think Twice Maybe Play It Later Play It Now! 2 recommendations, average score: 1.5 (out of 5), standard deviation: 0.25 (what's that?)


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for Half-Life 2

About Apparently taking place during Gordon’s absence after the fall of Nova Prospekt, the story seems is centred around one man, John, a Resistance member who was injured in a fire fight and brought by his friends to the outskirts of Ravenholm to recover. None of them remember how to get out of Ravenholm, and… Read More


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A Dog Was Hit In The Head With An Axe

for Half-Life 2

Story: A piece of space high above the sky once suddenly disappeared, and on its place strange floating islands appeared along with many colourful dudes walking around on them.

Your mission: Learn how THOSE RETARDED STOCKJOBBERS make such huge stakes.

Secondary task: Find the eye OF SHAITAN and steal it.

Other tasks (if possible): Kill as much as possible.

As whom do you play in this map: As Father Grigori.

What do you need to do in this map: Fight the corruption.


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Musical Gun

Introduction Please bear with me while I talk about two seemly unrelated topics and then cleverly merge them into something you had never even considered before. (Well, that’s the plan!) Real and Game Weapons Anybody here ever fired a real weapon? Closest I have come is a air rifle. I’ve never even touched a real… Read More

25th June 2006 5 Comments

Cultural Influence of Stories and Mods

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

I think I am beginning to see a pattern emerging regarding the cultural influences of FPS games. I have been thinking about this longer than I have been playing games and have been planning a post about it for a long time. The announcement of Inhabited Island: Prisoner of Power has forced me to write something.

25th June 2006 2 Comments

Grey Gamers Unite!

Introduction When you are new to something it can be very daunting; there seems to be so much to learn, resources can be hard to find and use, help is often focused towards more advanced users. What’s needed is a gentle introduction with a specific focus for the type of questions you are likely to… Read More

21st June 2006 20 Comments

A Day In The Life Of A Coward

for Half-Life

Story At the age of 18 Gordon leaves his mama to join the US army. One week later the high official found that Gordon had limitless potential and assigned him to the highest rank. Gordon Didn’t care what rank he got. All he cared about was the classy new room he was assigned to. Reader… Read More


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Introduction I recently started playing Pariah and was really looking forward to it. Imagine my surprise when I found out that there was no manual save option. OK, I think it’s good when developers try new things and I was prepared to see what happens. I thought I read somewhere that the game saves at… Read More

14th June 2006 6 Comments