100 SDoN Podcast 01

26th June 2011

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Here is the first of 6 podcasts centred around the 100 Summer Days of Nostalgia event.

In this one, Don AKA Unq and I discuss the first 20 releases, plus we verbally wander around some other mapping topics.

There’s not much else to say, so get listening!

Listen to the podcast



  1. Barnz

    The guy who made Haunted Lab also did Gateway for Half-Life, which was mediocre (in my opinion), but many people liked it for the new models. He also made Medieval World, a medieval themed mod for Half-Life.

  2. Hec

    Hey!, this was a great podcast I like to hear it as I played Zubben mod, and Try Try Again!, mod, I love to have another project like the issues PQL1 and reisues PQL2, I would really love to see a PQL3 I think those maps if they’re done would be a classic, and I think Gold engine have more cool mods to gave us today!, I love the idea also that Phillip launch a HL1 mapping competition, altough is sad to see is most likley the last because of the poor response to striderville maybe, and I regret also that only 2 entries had been out!!!, that’s a show of the decressing amount of mod and mapping creations for HL2!, and maybe that’s something to be worried about, seriously I hope at least ep3 solve that shameful falling down in what modding & mapping production respects!.

  3. Great podcast with Unq, though I missed details or more chit chat about his own Radix HL map that you’ve already posted on the 100 SDoN event. Looking forward to the next 100 SDoN podcast, and of course more HL nostalgia. Some of the maps need Steam to play, but I’m still sticking to my old original SIERRA\Half-Life folder that I charish soo much…lol! Thanks Phillip!

    1. Unq

      Thanks! Yeah, I mostly talked in general terms about my mapping experience. Phillip posted Radix after we recorded this podcast, so we didn’t talk much about it. Are people interested in chat about that? We can make sure it’s on our next agenda if you think it’ll be of interest.

    2. Can play all the 100 SDoN HL Mods I download, locally now!
      Create HL Shortcut,
      Right click,
      Properties, and voala:
      C:\SIERRA\HALF-LIFE\hl.exe -game aor -dev -console

      Mods running fine. Thanks Phillip for the games!

  4. noface

    Interesting discussion.

  5. SourceSkyBoxer

    Great modding, there are veryold version of mods:) – Why do you not improve and update with mods =(. If you like “Made with Level Design” and “Made with Texture Design” than you must improve and improve this mod – If you have advanced bursh architecture for prismatics than you can build better than simple mapping. – If you want to earn money for our mod than you can sell best cleanned mod.

    Gunman Chronicles and Opposing Force are faking mods =( – Bad Texture maker and bad Level Design 🙁

    I don’t like because they are dudes because we have been lost money of Gunman Chronicles and Opposing Force = That is a Lier of modding =(

    I will keep for you saying about important Mod-Design. Please make sure advanced mode!!!!!
    Thanks best regards SourceSkyBoxer

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