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Latest 25 Comments
16 Mar 2019 Upmine Struggle Your typical routine, nothing to see here, first you are in a room with all kinds of zombies and ...
16 Mar 2019 No Time For Crying It appears to be impossible to complete it or maybe there was a problem in my game, either way th...
31 Jul 2018 Overtime I played at hard difficulty as recommended and it wasn't fun at all. Too many enemies with no cov...
02 May 2018 The Extreme Team Experiment I had the same issue. Basically, the vent is supposed to fall on the floor.
26 Nov 2017 Lunar Descent I gave up when the lady started shooting me and apparently my bullets had no effect on her. What...
22 Nov 2017 Crossbow Platformer A novelty idea that is interesting the first time but that gets boring pretty quickly. The combat...
21 Nov 2017 Below The Ice If you like puzzle oriented games you should appreciate this one. It has a "dark" atmosphere and ...
11 Nov 2017 Slums 2 Extended A little too much zombies but overall a well balanced mod with both combat and puzzle sections. ...
11 Nov 2017 Nathan Grove Compilation I found this collection of maps really amateurish. The author copied all the cliche and ideas of ...
22 Jan 2017 Year Long Alarm A short and average map, you have to kill some zombies then some combines, push a button, that's ...
22 Jan 2017 Cooldiradical This map seemed to me more like a demo than an actually finished game. The puzzles were easy but ...
17 Jan 2017 Research And Development This is probably the best half life 2 mod ever released. I think it should be considered an "offi...
17 Jan 2017 Whoopservatory I'm not sure about the positive comments from other users, for me this mod was average at best. T...
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