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22 Jul 2016 Poll Question 354 - Would you prefer a TC with a play time of 1 hour or a mod set in the HL universe with a play time of 2 hours? It's not so much that I prefer TCs, it's that I need something new. I don't need a whole new univ...
17 Dec 2015 Poll Question 332 - Does a modder have the moral right to block videos and screenshots of their work? I said "Maybe", but I wouldn't count a TC in there (they're more work, but my reason applies equa...
05 Nov 2015 POSSIBLE changes on the site. To be honest, I think the best solution is actually Solution 1. But I enjoy all of the content, a...
10 Sep 2015 VerticalVilleTwo - Mapping Challenge Announcement I have some interesting ideas for this one. Hopefully I can make it in time with everything else ...
25 May 2015 Hover Craftsman It's a short map based around one puzzle area. It looks decent (the lighting could use some impro...
14 May 2015 Possible next mapping challenge: TransmissionsVille? The new gun almost definitely didn't cause any lag. It's probably the large amount of entities pr...
22 Apr 2015 Cataxen My review will repeat a lot of what Phillip said about it. It's incredibly short, doesn't have a ...
14 Apr 2015 Zombie Survival This map itself is pretty nice (not , just done well overall), but the gameplay leaves a lot to b...
14 Apr 2015 Hypnophobia I was frustrated by that part until I saw your comment. The tables really do make excellent barri...
14 Apr 2015 Poll Question 311 - Which method of SP release would you prefer? Without the ads, and assuming they'd actually deliver on time (Telltale, I'm looking at you here)...
04 Apr 2015 Pac-Man I'm giving this a "maybe" for the same reason Philip did. It's an interesting experience, doesn't...
30 Mar 2015 Project: Blue Room Thanks for fixing it. I only had a connection issue at the very end, where it couldn't get my dat...
30 Mar 2015 Project: Blue Room Same here. It seems like a neat idea, but the infrastructure needs work. We might have to wait fo...
03 Jan 2015 Bugstompers That crashes it too. I know the archive is good, since it worked when I installed manually from it.
03 Jan 2015 Bugstompers It's a standard set-up, and MapTap has never failed me like this in the past for both HL1 and HL2...
03 Jan 2015 Bugstompers MapTap wasn't working for me to install this, but it might just be me. Manual installation worked...
01 Jan 2015 High Speed Thanks for having the video walkthrough. I didn't think I needed to backtrack like that after tur...
31 Dec 2014 High Speed Seems to be the right map.
09 Dec 2014 Poll Question 304 - Which would you rather have... The portal gun for me. The super gravity gun is more fun and a far, far, better offensive wea...
08 Oct 2014 Duality I was able to successfully install and play with MapTap, if it helps.
24 Aug 2014 SniperVille 2 Overall, I'd say it's worth your time just because the whole collection is rather small, so it wo...
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