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Filthy McNasty

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Darryl Gaston

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A fifty yr old guy that loves to play video games. I live for Half-life.
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  1. Strider Mountain
  2. Silent Escape
  3. They Hunger
  4. Liberation

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18 Mar 2023 Episode 3: The Closure Excellent...On of the best mods I've ever played.
08 Apr 2018 The Lambda Cup 2018 - Challenge 2 - GravityGunVilleTwo Thanx.
08 Apr 2018 The Lambda Cup 2018 - Challenge 2 - GravityGunVilleTwo When will the mod be released for gameplay????
15 Jun 2017 MinimalismVille Phillip, I uninstalled everything (games and Steam) and tried the mod again. I got the same resul...
14 Jun 2017 MinimalismVille 1. IS EP2 working correctly? Yes, I have downloaded new mods and they ran ok. 2. Has it been r...
06 Jun 2017 MinimalismVille Phillip I re-download mod and still have the same problem. The game loads ok but when I click on ...
05 Jun 2017 MinimalismVille Thanx Phillip. I'll give that a try.
03 Jun 2017 MinimalismVille Where is the map fix guide. Maps are crashing or not loading at all.
20 Jan 2017 Hard!Ville AKA HardVille Heat Death has great combat with a complex puzzle.
11 Nov 2016 HalloweenVilleThree When will the playthrough be ready????
03 Nov 2016 Fast Detect The graphics are a big problem. All I get is distortion. I trying adjusting my graphic settings, ...
08 Jul 2016 Hangover Is "Upcoming beta" just for hl2 ep 2? Do you need it to play this mod? I'll try it with it off.
30 Jun 2016 Hangover Yes I have HL2, HL2 ep 1 and 2. All are installed.
29 Jun 2016 Hangover Need help to get mod running. I able to get to the mod menu, but when I try to open mod, it tries...
28 Jun 2016 Hangover Mod does not load. Freezes when you start mod. All necessary setting are done. Using "Upcoming" ...
27 Jun 2016 TrapVille Having a problem with getting the handgrenades you need to destroy the device on the second floor...
05 Mar 2016 Episode 3: The Closure Thanx for your response. I thought Gauge would help, but I see it does not. Could it be that I'm ...
03 Mar 2016 Episode 3: The Closure I to are having a problem with just getting the game to load. I installed via Gauge and it appear...
19 Feb 2016 The Sprucecape Mod As in screen 37, the fence needs to be blown up. I used all of the dynamite barrels from both sid...
23 Jan 2016 Estranged: Act 1 Zekiran, I was able to download the "Gauge" version of Maptap and installed the mod and tried...
23 Jan 2016 Estranged: Act 1 Zekiran, Thank you so much for your help. I'll give that a try. I do have the full Half-life 2...
22 Jan 2016 Estranged: Act 1 How would I know if I was running it in Gauge or manually? Never heard of these terms before. I h...
04 Jan 2016 Abandon: The Town Map's gameinfo.txt must be changed. Add SteamAppId 218, ToolsAppId 211 AdditionalContentId 420 l...
16 Nov 2015 Estranged: Act 1 I have Half-Life 2 Orange box version with SDK 2007 and 2013.
09 Nov 2015 Estranged: Act 1 Help...Need Textures for mod. Getting the purple and black squares. Is there a patch? Have SDK 20...
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