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Just a movie fan, occasionally make HL2 maps for artistic reasons and don't release them. I also enjoy checking out other maps for the sense of adventure. I'm considering opening up a website for my own purposes but will feature HL2 stuff. Mostly, the website will have stuff for amateur map makers like myself. If anyone reads this I'd be interested in discussing some things I need feedback on.
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I'm very much casual. I only play singleplayer maps. I don't play MP/DM because I honestly suck at it and always get my ass handed to me.

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I'm very much into exploring maps more than playing maps in the sense of combat. I'm into architecture in maps as well as just exploring them.


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I would say I'm very basic when it comes to doing level design. I just do it for fun and not constantly. I'm also not up on the latest games. I've stuck to HL2 because it's still fun to make maps for and my hardware doesn't support more advanced games.

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