What The Headcrab! Episode 18

25th July 2016

Hello and welcome to What The Headcrab! Episode 18.

I have another mod-packed show with plenty of Half-Life news items to keep your Houndeyes Hunting, your Barnacles Biting and your Antlions Aching.

As always, there’s a giveaway courtesy of A A Ron from SteamContests.com and news from RTSL.

Due to time restrictions there is no Misc section, Half-Life Lore Trivia or YouTube channel spotlight – sorry.

Let’s go!

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Last Week’s Follow Up

Follow up to What The Headcrab! Ep17.

Most people got last week’s trivia question right, so well done everybody – we might have to start to make them MUCH harder.

Plus general chit chat about the episodes and my pronunciation!


No, items this week.

YouTube Channel Spotlight

No spotlight this week.

Half-Life Lore Trivia Question

Not this week, sorry.

Pick Of The Episode Game Giveaway

WTH Ep17’s winner of Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons was StrikeVonNice.

This week’s game Bad Rats: The Rats’ Revenge, courtesy of Aaron from SteamContests.com.

To have a chance to win, simply post a YouTube comment and I will randomly select a winner on next week’s show.

Final Thoughts

Seems that plenty of people are working hard on their mods, which is great. Just wish we had more to play!

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Remember, Finishing Half-Life is just the beginning!



  1. Half-Life Lore Trivia Question
    Not this week, sorry.

    Here’s an unofficial one for you all:
    Marc Laidlaw once mentioned he had considered creating a son for Colonel Odessa Cubbage. What was his name?

    This is a really obscure one, since it came up once on Twitter years ago when I tweeted my comic at Marc Laidlaw. I’m fairly sure it’s on the Combine OverWiki and the Half-Life Wiki, but I doubt most people know it without going to look for it.

    Full disclosure: I was never sure if he was joking or not.

    1. WOW, that’s a super tough one.

      1. It does have the dubious advantage of coming from a Twitter conversation that doesn’t even exist anymore (since Marc Laidlaw deleted his original account), though I’m sure he would vouch for it if asked. But like I said, could even have been a joke by him.

        Mind you, the answer isn’t “Hercule Cubbage”, though it’s because of Hercule that I learned this bit of trivia way back when!

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