WeGame – A Video Site For Gamers.

10th January 2008

You’ve probably already heard about this site but I thought I’d write a little about it in case you missed it. A new site has opened called a WeGame. It’s best described as a YouTube for gamers.

For me the most interesting feature is the free recording client. I downloaded it today and unfortunately I haven’t been able to record anything yet. Currently there are only a few games that are supported but I read they are trying to expand that list. Another problem I encountered was that my sound card wasn’t compatible, so no sound for me. 🙁

Unlike other videos sites that seems to be half gameplay trailers by developers and half community made videos, WeGame will only be community made.

The site can be browsed and search in a normal way and it looks easy to use. I’ve only spent an hour or so but my first impressions are good. I just hope they control the language of the comments and descriptions.

Anyway, this post isn’t about me complaining but to encourage you to try the service out. I would definitely like to feature more videos on PlanetPhillip and if this system is easy to use then I may try and promote the site more and get you, the reader, to record and upload them.

I’m interested to hear from readers about their thoughts and experiences of the service and site.

I will email the support after I have finished this post, and I’ll try one more restart, just in case. Seeing how quickly they respond will also be interesting.

So, stop reading and get downloading and recording.


  1. Manual_Monaro

    Wow. Checked out the website. This is a really great service! Downloading the client now.

    Thanks for the tip.

  2. cubedude89

    If I can set it up to record and auto upload. I will be using this. 🙂

  3. cubedude89

    I just tested it out and SWEET it encodes the video on your pc before it uploads it which makes the filesize nice and small before uploading.

  4. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work with mods. I’ve emailed the dev team and see if they can allow SP mods to work. I have no idea how much work is involved.

    I managed to get the recording client working, or rather it started working this morning.

    It causes to much stutter on my system to use, coupled with no sound, it looks like this is not going to be useful for me. 🙁

    Is CubeDude89 the only one to try it?

  5. cubedude89

    It causes to much stutter on my system to use,

    I think it recommends dual core.

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