The Tower

for Half-Life

31st January 2006

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I don’t know anything about this mod at the moment. As soon as I play it I will post some information and screenshots. Enjoy

From the ReadMe

This mod requires Half-Life It is not compatible with Steam! It contains 7 playable maps and 3 cutscene-only maps. There is no actual story. The first three maps stand alone for themselves. The last four are connected to one level.

Scenario: A space station. Some weird dark place. Hell. A Tower.

Difficulty-level: Very high. This is definitely not a game for beginners. Enemy health and weapon-damage have been changed to make it an even harder challenge.

New content: This mod is based on Half-Life: Opposing Force. If you don’t know Opposing force you will find new weapons and enemies in the game. Also this mod has new textures, sprites and sounds.

System requirements: Higher than the original Half-Life requirements. Excessive use of special effects and hoards of AI enemies make the mod unstable on slower systems.

To install the mod just extract the tower-folder into your Half-Life directory.

Contact: [email protected]

Basic Details
  • Title: the Tower
  • File Name: hl1-sp-the-tower.7z
  • Original File Name: the-tower.rar
  • Size : 45.1Mb
  • Author: the-middleman
  • Date Released: 31 January 2006
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  1. Setsuna

    Thanks for this mod 😉

  2. Qwertyus

    Incredible graphic effects (for Half-Life engine), cool level design, nice sound environment and some surrealistic scenes! I was very impressed. However, not so long gameplay time (about 2 hours on hard) and some unstability, causes periodic crashes of Half-Life. But IMO – worth to download and play.

    P.S. In one place I couldn’t made a jump to the next platform and used noclip.

  3. Ade

    how can I make that jump withOUT noclip?..

  4. the-middleman

    hi 🙂
    what jump are you talking about? I cannot think of any impossible jump in my mod

  5. Ade

    well, maybe I just haven’t figured out what to do in that level, the one with the drill and the soldiers singing happy birthday;))

  6. the-middleman

    At that point youre not supposed to do anything. Just stay on the platform that you start on. It moves all by itself. I wasnt even aware you can jump anywhere from there. Just wait till it arives at hell

  7. Ade

    oh.. than I must have some graphics problem, cus my game is over if I am swallowed by that black cloud

  8. the-middleman

    what? it cant be. How is it over? Does it bring you back to the menu or do you die? The game sure doesnt end there. In fact thats where it really gets started

  9. Ade

    i have to update my video card, then..
    thx, though 🙂

  10. Pros: Great graphics and lighting and atmosphere and sound. In fact, the best I’ve seen in a HL1 mod.
    Cons: Wouldn’t run at all until I created ‘dlls” folder in Tower folder, then copied opfor.dll into that. The knife didn’t move when used but the sound and decals were there. The pistol didn’t appear to be firing but it was. Lots of errors reported on console load. Couldn’t really achieve anything without massive cheating.
    Middleman does say its just a bunch of maps with no story. Well make a playable mod mate, with those talents its bound to be top quality.

  11. Mel
    Avoid It!

    Having tried many times with this mod, I have finally decided to give it up. I just cannot get in to these maps and find then overbearing. Apart from being confusing the set designs, textures, light and colour combined with the action are all suffocating the gameplay to the point where I don’t see where the fun is. For me this is not a playable mod and what there is, is not enjoyable.

  12. RedBone1121

    to make that jump with out noclip Ade u can use longjump try…

    give item_longjump! that will help!

  13. Play It Later

    A great mod!

    I have no idea what is wrong with mel.. But this mod certainly deserves more than just 1 point.

    The idea & design of this mod are abstruct but in it’s own way also very special and unique. The maps differ in quality but usually it is ok at some places even very good. At some others again weird. But never bad or blocky.

    The mod also features a custom code. So it includes my favourite Opposing Force soldiers for example which will fight along your side.

    Dl it and play it.

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