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Forest Mission

for Half-Life 2

You’ve been posted to a small Combine outpost.

Antlions have been attacking the entrance to the base down a natural corridor.

Defend the entrance with your fellow Combine soldiers.


Total Downloads: 38510th June 2015
13 Comments and 5 recommendations, most haven't enjoyed it


for Black Mesa

Starting in a tram, you travel 50 metres and then immediately get off.

A scientist awaits you, along with an Alien Grunt.

Get to the room above and reach the top door if you can.


Total Downloads: 2802nd June 2015
7 Comments and 2 recommendations, most haven't enjoyed it

Dungeon Crawler

for Black Mesa

Starting just outside a testing area, you must collect your suit and proceed to perform some tests.

There are three areas which contain different enemies.

Pass each one and progress to the next area.


Total Downloads: 3521st June 2015
11 Comments and 3 recommendations, most say "Maybe?"

La Mesa

for Half-Life 2

Find entry to the area behind the Combine gates.

Kill all who stand in your way and then assassinate Breen.

Your work is then done for the day.


Total Downloads: 32827th May 2015
15 Comments and 8 recommendations, most haven't enjoyed it


for Half-Life 2

The Combine has taken a hostage and you have been sent to rescue him.

Work your way through a variety of rooms. stairwell and areas until you reach him.

Then lead him to safety.


Total Downloads: 72026th May 2015
13 Comments and 9 recommendations with no significant bias

Zombie Attack

for Half-Life 2

You find yourself in a room. One door and a few windows.

There are a few crates, two barrels and a hidden turret.

You have one minute before zombies start coming through the door.

Can you survive?


Total Downloads: 42921st May 2015
8 Comments and 6 recommendations, most haven't enjoyed it