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Deadly Cargo

for Half-Life 2

You ARE the deadly cargo!

You are being transported somewhere but foolishly they left a crowbar in your “cell”.

You have waited until the train has stopped and now it’s time to escape.


Total Downloads: 1,4461st September 2018
12 Comments and 10 recommendations, most haven't enjoyed it

Citadel Arena

for Half-Life 2

Quite a small arena where the enemies, Combine soldiers and Combine Elite, spawn at one end of the area and simply run towards you.

Regular ammo and health drops from a shute.

It’s close combat in a rectangle room.


Total Downloads: 75530th August 2018
12 Comments and 7 recommendations, most haven't enjoyed it

Area 17

for Half-Life 2

Fight your way through an unfinished and shockingly lit early map.

Remember, this is from 2004, so do not expect anything amazing.

Mappers were still getting to grips with how things worked and what was possible.

That said, this is still pretty basic and badly designed.


Total Downloads: 79018th July 2018
15 Comments and 13 recommendations, most haven't enjoyed it

Forest Mission

for Half-Life 2

You’ve been posted to a small Combine outpost.

Antlions have been attacking the entrance to the base down a natural corridor.

Defend the entrance with your fellow Combine soldiers.


Total Downloads: 92210th June 2015
15 Comments and 7 recommendations, most haven't enjoyed it


for Black Mesa

Starting in a tram, you travel 50 metres and then immediately get off.

A scientist awaits you, along with an Alien Grunt.

Get to the room above and reach the top door if you can.


Total Downloads: 6202nd June 2015
7 Comments and 2 recommendations, most haven't enjoyed it