Poll Question 202 – Have you ever tried to beat a map in the fastest possible time?

11th December 2010

Have you ever tried to beat a map in the fastest possible time?

The technical term for this is Speed Running and some people take it to extreme, like this Portal Done Pro. Less than 9 minutes 30 seconds for the WHOLE Portal game!!!

Now, as I say that’s an extreme and it uses exploits and holes in the map, but the concept is still the same as mere mortals like you and me, when we try and get through a map as quickly as possible.

Now, I have to admit that quite a few times I have run around a bunch of zombies, but I don’t get much pleasure just avoiding enemies and missing out on all the fun.

What about you?

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  1. Jike

    Do the Portal Achievements count? I got all of them. But I wouldn’t even try doing the classic Speedrun of Portal Playthroughs like on youtube…

  2. Shadowmancer471

    First time I go through a map, I sit pack and take it at the required pace, exploring etc etc
    And I don’t usually play maps a second time through, so no I don’t try to speedrun maps

    Although I do enjoy trying to speedrun some L4D2 maps (but that’s a different game entirely)

  3. SPY

    As Shadowmancer471 I too never play a map or mod the second, for the exact same reason. when I play a map or mod I really do take the time for it, (when it is a good map or mod of course, when the map is nothing more then boxy rooms then I also run through them, but those maps I don’t consider to be real maps, those I see more as a mapping attempt that failed.)
    so, when I have played a map ones I really don’t feel like playing them again, also not with a speed run, because I still remember exactly where everything is or was.

    it’s probably strange, but even with the really good maps and mods I never play them twice. for the reason I mentioned above, but also because there are so many good games and mods to be played that I don’t have time to play something twice.

    i do know that there are people who like to speedrun through them, personally I don’t see the fun of it, other then just do it as quick as possible. I guess you simply like or dislike playing a map like that. when you look on youtube there are numerous movies to be seen of speedruns.


  4. The only time I ever do this is if I really don’t feel like dealing with something, like a bunch of zombies (that really pose no threat, just annoyance) or with portal, because it’s like seeing how fast you can solve a rubik’s cube, It’s an interactive puzzle.

  5. Bramblepath

    I’ve tried. And failed.

  6. Okay, just to clarify, are we talking about specifically trying for the ABSOLUTE FASTEST TIME EVER, or does this also include just general hurrying and rushing through a map with no actual time goal in mind?

    1. The fastest time possible for YOU. As in each individual.

      1. There’s not really a difference between trying to get your fastest time, or “the fastest time EVAR” in terms of what you’re trying to accomplish. That only makes a difference in how easily you can succeed.

        The part I was clarifying was that this only included situations where you were specifically focusing on improving your time to get through a level, and not just rushing through because you wanted to get to a point further ahead and not waste time getting to that point.

        Since I’ll assume the latter is not included, I voted for only once or twice.

  7. I enjoy watching some of these speed runs but when I play, I prefer to play the games or mods as they were intended.

  8. Hec

    GOD!, I never, doing that for me is like loosing the charm of the map…. missing details and sweet little things you can found with patience in some great maps!

    1. Yes, but think of it this way. Speed runners *really* have to explore every detail of a map and could be said to be the ultimate explorers. Nobody speed runs the first time through a map.

      1. Hec

        Oh well, of course no they only have a goal which is the speed, and finish so quickly!, that’s something only for pros, we are just mere “mortals” as you say hahaha anyway, I love 2 be just a mere mortal and enjoy every bit of the map we’re in, I think for sure i’d never be a speed frenetic pro!

  9. Yes, once, but:
    Only on Highway 17 and Sandtraps up to the lighthouse. On one replay, I only stopped when the road was barricaded & at the crane.
    It was great fun. You need to know the route well.
    I was doing a bit of research at the time.

    I like to take my time to enjoy and explore the mappers work.

  10. Armageddon

    Of course, all the time. Gotta speed run every map, it’s good practice…

    1. it’s good practice…

      Good practice for what?

      1. Armageddon

        Speed running and moving around in multi-player games. Plus dodging bullets. 😀

  11. Dorgles

    Im Obsessive-compulsive about maps. With the exception of the very few mods where I can run out of ammo, I never progress until every NPC in a room is dead, and every breakable object is smashed. Even when I do skip enemies, its always headcrabs and zombies, not armed enemies because I have a subconscious fear that the armed enemies will chase me and trap me.

  12. Cameron:D

    Only after I have completed the mod/map properly, unless it is too boring. I frequently find out how badly some people (dont) use playerclip.

  13. FLynn

    No. I see these speed runs as an insult to the mappers efforts. It is competely pointless to try and play a game in the fastest possible time. You’re meant to enjoy a game and savior the experience, not try to complete it as fast as possible.

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