Poll Question 166 – Do you schedule your mod play?

4th April 2010

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

This poll question was inspired by Jasper. He emailed me to suggest a poll about the current mod drought and how it affected us playing our favourite mods.

I jiggled it a little to wonder whether people saved mods for rainy days (or droughts!).

Due to running the site I play them pretty much as I hear of them but I would prefer to be able to save the bigger ones for the times I know I have more playing time available.

What about you.

P.S. the drought is about to end with an absolutely HUGE HL1 mod that I am trying to finish and post for tomorrow. Any HL1 fans out there that love Black Mesa style mod?

The Poll


  1. stibe

    Can’t wait for this huge HL1 mod 😉 Hopefully I don’t know it yet. Bring it on!

  2. I have a busy schedule most of the time and consider mod and map play as some down time, truly look forward to new ones. I will admit that I’m fussy with what I’ll play, being that I set this time aside. I don’t schedule a specific time of day to play, but I do set aside the amount of time.

    As you said, releases have been ” lean ” recently, so I store 3-4 of my personal faves for times such as these. It’s also an opportunity to look for some older ones I’ve missed. But usually soon after this point, I just figure it’s time to change it up and and load a different game altogether so I might have a renewed appreciation when the mods I’m looking forward to are released.

    Actually, I just started a second run through DOOM 3 and I’m finding that I actually have a greater appreciation for it than before, simply because of the change up from a long fall and winter of playing so much HL2 material. Seems to work both ways !

    1. I just started a second run through DOOM 3 and I’m finding that I actually have a greater appreciation for it than before


      1. Da Fat Cat

        Dude that shotgun is amazing! 😛

      2. Hey ! It’s a drought. I’ve got my sanity to think about !

  3. Da Fat Cat

    I try to play all of the big SP releases when they come out, but usually never get around to playing the “play it later” type mods. I generally just get into a certain mood and download a few mods that quench that thirst, even if they’re bad. For example, right now I’m really pumped for Portal 2, so I’ve been playing a ton of Portal maps. So no I don’t plan, but I don’t play everything right when it releases.

  4. So much better put than I did in my email, Phillip.
    Voted no. If there is a rash of mods and maps (ah the good old days) I just download to desktop and play through them one at time.
    I don’t plan. Just take them as they come. I play all the good ones at all 3 skills which increases play time and enjoyment.
    During droughts I replay the classics and don’t mind droughts at all – provided the drought come to an end.
    I finished Offshore recently and I’m at “Crevasse” in Strider Mountain at the minute.
    Looking around the HL2 world, the drought will end.
    Got to go, there’s Combine to crunch.

  5. Grey Acumen

    I generally save the games I’ve actually bought for the rainy days when mod turnout is slow. Mods are free and as such have a much wider degree range of quality, so I prefer to play them asap so I know whether it’s worth the disc space for storing them.
    I just finished Strider Mountain a couple days ago. I still have about 3 more mods left before I’ll actually be cracking into my bought games pile.

  6. I play as soon as I see them. If I forget about the mods after downloading or seeing, usually I don’t play. Sad but true.

  7. I download as you upload them normally, and play them fairly soon after. However, sometimes I get into something else, for example, I just played through all three “STALKER” games recently, so it is nice to come back to PP and find Loads of mods to go at – except that this last time there wasn’t many at all, so I have to agree that there does seem to a dearth of mods lately.
    And as to a biggy HalfLife 1 mod “Bring IT On”!!


  8. I prefer to play HL Mods as they come out and I find the time.

    Although Half Life is a universe in itself and one that can be modded for both single and multi-player mods increasing their value over games that can’t be modded, there are other games I like to play. Games such as Crysis and Assassins Creed 1 and 2. Both are excellent Single Player first person style games with great visuals, story lines, weapons, vehicles and the whole shebang.

    In fact Assassins Creed 2 has had me hooked for the last 3 or 4 weeks since it came out on PC, (I’ve lost track of time it’s so engaging and immersive) that the current drought of respectable mods has not worried me at all.

    I apologise for plugging other games here Phillip (I’m not a traitor) but feel it is relevant to the discussion.



  9. BlueWolf72

    my fav mods are the ones who contact me to test out before hand. Give my 72 cents and when phillip recommends one I love to test it out.

    Phil 4 Prez!

  10. I have no schedule, I just find a time to play whenever I’m not doing stuff for work, and play for a few hours. Works well for me.

  11. tungsten

    it seems I am the lucky one being retired from chasing orders round the motorways,dont miss the horrors of the m25 so I have time to play all the mods as soon as you post them phillip,really looking forward to the huge HL1 mod as I am still nostalgic about HL1 as it gave me many happy hours of play when I was off ill with my ticker so bring it on,also it lets me lock myself away form all those diy jobs I promised to do long live planet phillip

  12. Berrie

    I normally play them when I get the chance.
    If I’m currently playing another game or mod I usually finish that first. At times I’ve piled my mods up, but usually I play it once I install it and often install it once I download it.

    That said I haven’t been playing a lot of HL related games/mods recently, with the notable exception of Portal. For obvious reasons.

  13. Dorgles

    I pretty much get mods I want on release and beat them ASAP.

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