Poll Question 137 – Do you play mods & maps as they are released or do you save them for a rainy day?

5th September 2009

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

You probably know that I have been on holiday. Now that I am back I have a list of maps and mods to play through and it got me wondering how you play your mods.

If I didn’t run this site I would probably collect a few and them play them once or twice a week, but since I do run this site I have to play them as soon as I hear about them so that I can keep the site up to date.

Putting aside the simple logistics of playing them do you think it makes any difference to how we enjoy them?

Personally I can’t play for too long in any one sitting because I get bored and my eyes get a little tired. Back in March 2007 for Poll Question 024 I asked How long do your normal SP gaming sessions last? and most players said between 1 and 3 hours. Of course I didn’t specify whether that was for maps and mods or just SP games.

This question almost makes me want somebody to take all the single map releases in a year and bundle them into a mod, with chapter titles as the link to each map. Sure it wouldn’t be like a real mod but it would sure be a lot easier than having to install them one by one and them load them etc.

Any volunteers?

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  1. Senkus

    I download a few and wait until it’s a big batch, and then play them in one go, regardless if it’s rainy or not.

    Rain is something that only exists in the UK 😉

    1. “Save them for a rainy day” is just an expression used to talk about time when you don’t have anything to do. And where I live gets twice as much rain as London, UK, and I live in Spain!

      1. Yes but London is South of Watford. Londoners and the Home Counties keep the good weather to themselves. North of Watford (I’m in Nottinghamshire) it pours – buckets.
        Just joshing, we know what you mean.

  2. I usually save them for a rainy day, but it depends on the comments .
    When I read the comments and see a lot of “play it now” or “personal favorite” I usually download and play at once. (Research & Development for example)
    I do allways install the mod’s right after downloading, so they are visible in my steam gamelist, otherwise I would forget them for sure.
    I actually have a few mod’s in my gamelist for over a year and still have to start playing them (shame shame, I know, so much to do, so little time).

  3. Both so cannot vote.
    If I find a load of maps or mods in one day from PP and other sites I download and save to desktop. I’ll always play mods first and keep maps for a rainy day – but this is England and I can remember 2 or 3 days without rain this ‘summer’.
    If there are no mods, then I’ll play the maps, each one thoroughly at each skill level, in order of smallest first. All maps are deleted once I’m done because then move on to the next map. I like to keep my Steam files clean.
    Mods are deleted if they have no replay value, those that have get the short cut stored in the “Hidden Files” Folder to get replayed on a rainy day – so I’ll need one tomorrow then.

  4. AI

    I get a few then play ’em later, but I don’t delete any of them! They go to my storage drive, then to DVD-DL! As far as the rain goes, dosen’t matter, I just don’t like it when it snows!! I’m retired and have plenty of time!!!!!! 🙂

  5. 23-down

    If this mod seems to be good or the story sounds interesting then I play it asap. But that counts only for hl1 mods. I don’t play hl2 mods much except MP mods. Guess I just don’t like the theme with the combine etc.

  6. I wish that I could play them as soon as they are released but normally, I don’t have the time to do.
    So I download them, put them in my folder, wait until I have a bit time and then I make myself some kind of a hl2 evening or sometimes also a night.

  7. Berrie

    It actually differs per mod/map. But mostly I leave them for a rainy day.
    Exceptions are mods I’ve been following, mods and maps that get play it nows with a lot of praise on here and things that just look really good (visually mostly) to me.

  8. Joe

    Actually Phillip, there is a place that takes all the mods and bundles them into one location – PlanetPhillip.com

    1. Yeah, you are kinda right, but I meant bundle them into one MOD, so that players can just download one mod evry three months or so and play all the single maps easily.

  9. Zockopa

    Usualy I play mods as they are released. Old habit since Q2 days. Back then I played mods for some shootergames (Q2,HL,U/UT,JK&MotS,Thief). Since a couple years im a bit choosy and only play the big ones or map packs that look worthwhile. I rarely play single maps except for FC or Crysis.

  10. I’am HL1 player. Until the year 2006 I played every map-mod as soon, as I could download it. And I can say that I played almost every HL1 SP map-mod at those days (above 400). Since 2006 I mostly saved all mods “for a rainy day”. So, this “day” came suddenly for me and I decided to play again. I just finished all single maps and small mappacks (including all realeses from TWHL) and got to play “mods” (released by authors as games that you can choose from in-game menu). I’m started from small mods, and I will finish with big ones. So, all the fun is yet to come!

  11. I have too many mods in queue to sve them for a rainy day. I play them as soon as I can.

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