Poll Question 082 – Is the Gman good or evil?

10th May 2008

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I was surprised by the voting last week and could be again this week.

Is the Gman good or evil?

I Like Him

Let’s be honest, without the Gman things might not be so interesting within the Half-Life universe. Perhaps we only see the side that makes him seem bad. Perhaps he keeps kittens in his apartment and presses flowers. Or he could be a bit naughty and eat kittens in his apartment and burns flowers instead of candles. Either way, he is here to stay. Or is he?

There have been plenty of theories published about him and now it’s your chance to decide once and for all.

The Poll


  1. CrowbarSka

    I don’t think he’s strictly “good” or “evil’. I think he has his own agenda and sometimes this conflicts with other peoples” agendas.

  2. Aniline

    I think Gman is Gordon Freeman from the future who has come back to correct things he messed up the first time around.

  3. Bladesinger

    I agree with CrowbarSka, I don’t think he is good nor evil. He get his orders from someone else.

  4. I voted other – I think the game makes it very clear that he has his own agenda and he is trying to use Gordon to achieve it. So Gordon gets pretty messed up by this although he benefits at times – so both good and evil.

  5. tox (dev)

    I voted other : (I think he is) A few “good” G-man

  6. Mel

    All Gman are good, otherwise they would not be a Gman.

  7. Mman

    Other, I don’t think G-man is either good or evil in their main terms. However, I do think it’s pretty much inevitable that G-man’s goals will conflict with Freeman’s sooner or later (they pretty much have already) and he will need to be dealt with in some way, which I guess classfies him as “bad” in terms of the game.

  8. CeeJay.dk

    I too agree with CrowbarSka. The G-man has his own agenda, and manipulates events from the shadows.
    He is no friend of the Combine and he does act against them , but that doesn’t make him good.
    The enemy of my enemy, is not always my friend. Only thing is certain .. the G-man can only be trusted to serve his own agenda , or that of his employer.
    He uses other people and entire races as pawns in his game, but he may be a pawn himself.

  9. All Gman are good, otherwise they would not be a Gman.

    I don’t following your thinking. Why are all Gman good?

  10. Berrie

    I choose other as well.
    He clearly has another agenda, that doesn’t directly benefit either the combine or the humans, to this end he does what he has to achieve his goals.

  11. Neal

    Other, of course. He is against the combine and the vortigaunts for sure. What are his goals? We may never know for sure. He just uses Freeman to carry out his wishes. In fact, I think Freeman is a Gman too. Just not as high ranking as the Gman. And very confused.

  12. Memobot

    He doesn’t have his own agenda but is a willing sevant to a higher authority

  13. LarixUthule

    Beyond good and evil.

  14. Mel

    The term G-man derives from the 1920/30 prohibition era in the USA, when the main job of the FIB agents was either fighting gangsters or closing down elicit alcohol brewing and sales. It was the gangsters that named FBI agents G-man meaning Government agents, with Elliot Nest being the most famous. So a G-man is traditionally a good guy fighting the evil gangster and bad morals of society, if you believe that then pigs have just landed on Mars.

  15. Mel

    That should read FBI.

  16. Ol" Scratch

    “Good” or “evil” is merely a matter of perspective… from *our* point of view, he’s “evil” because he seems to be orchestrating the downfall/enslavement of Earth and humans; from *their* POV, he’s merely a mercenary (Cheney?) doing their bidding, which involves destroying humanity.

    I voted “other”, but personally I hope Gordon puts a .357 thru his skull at the end.

  17. Having played HL since the demo, (on a cover-mounted CD on 2000AD!) and the Episodes, Mods etc…I am struggling to recall exactly where, in the games themselves, rather than the media world, the G-Man is actually referred to as such?

    He’s portrayed as an enigmatic character, possibly dealing with the Combine, the Zen worlds, and goodness only knows what/where else….but while we’ve been given hints, we really have no real idea what the heck is actually going on…Or, as often, is that just me??

    He’s beyond human, he p*sses off the Vortigaunts, and he can put Gordon into, and pull him out of, suspended animation, as well as stepping into & out of “our” reality, manipulating time & dimesional space, but so far the clues haven’t really given away much as to his origins, or motives. how on earth can we judge good v evil without a tad more information?

    Middleman…an agent, no clues as to his motives….Maybe, one day, it’ll all be tied up, but if so, then it could be all over, and given the potential franchise that could come from the series, why would Valve burn their bridges over this….?

    Roll on HL3!

    FWIW my feeling is that there is a proper tie-in coming with Portal….but what do I know?

    It’s just a game, no really!


  18. AI

    Gypsy_Jim, with your comments about the G-Man, I think you have revealed his true idenity!! The only person who can do these things is —— Dr Who !!! and he gets around in the Tardus!! it only makes sense, I think! But as they told me at the job I had “You don’t get paid to think!” 😉

  19. Hmm, that hadn’t occured to me! Another rogue Time-Lord? You never know…..

    To those who think he’s been orchestrating the downfall of humanity, if that was the case then why would he keep dropping Gordon into the thick of it, when he’s seen how effective he can be with a crowbar…..?


  20. Ezequielhl

    I think he is amoral like the capitalism itself: it’s not trouble for him good or evil purposes, he just do “the job” (whatever he has to do, but I think he considers things in a “business POV’)… like a mercenary.

  21. zellock

    Whatever side he is on, he’s obviously working against the Vortigaunts, which seem to be on the “good” side. so I guess that makes him bad, in his own way.






    oh wait that was 2 tips

  23. Derek

    The G-Man is obviously from the future, and he is either trying to correct something that went wrong, ( being freeman himself or not ) or stop something that went right. It’s not clear if he’s human or not, good or evil. He could be the reason for all of the events in the story so far, possibly leading the combine but working for a higher benifactor. I do believe that he is intentionally miss leading Gordon to the Borealis were he will confront him in his true form and reveal the truth. He will either try and kill Gordon, or use him to free himself from the higher benifactors, and stop the world from burning.

  24. Big Digg

    well if you look at them they both have the same eye color, there’s even a pic that compares them side by side. So it could be gordon from the future, since the do have a lot of similar features. And to point out, there’s a lot of time and space type things going on in the half life world.

    1. Joris Ceoen

      @Bigg Diggs No, you are near right (I think). Maybe they are family of each other, but not Gordon from in the future, even if the g-man says for himself that people like gordon do remind him of his child-years. Because teh combine didn’t invade the earth twice anyway…

  25. Other. He has no moral concerns, he merely does what gets him closer to accomplishing his goals. If that accomplishes good results, then so be it, if not, then too bad for you.

  26. Joris Ceoen

    I think he has indeed it’s own goals and uses earth and Gordon Freeman to extinguish or distract the Combine to earth. But therefor he aids the world as wel as his own, so he is neutral, and neither gordon or the earth can say he’s evil because, even if he is there for it’s own goals, without his help and his presence, neither the g-man would succed, nor the earth would survive. So it’s everything or nothing, and the G-man who has more to say (Nothing to do about it anyway) chooses for everything. If he wanted to be evil to the humanity anyway, he rather would have chosen the combines side, or simply destroy earth itself (I wouldn’t know in which matter/way)

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