Poll Question 080 – Which Half-Life series game has the most replay value?

26th April 2008

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

I have never played a game or mod twice. I just can’t do it. If I know what’s about to happen then I get bored. However, I know plenty of PP readers replay games and mods. One reader replays all the games every summer! So, this week’s question is…

Which Half-Life series game has the most replay value?

Trying Hard

I have started playing Half-Life 2 again but partly for the new images I post in the header, more or less everyday, and partly because I want to replay it slowly and saviour the experience. I plan to do this with all the episodes as well.

My Answer

Since I have to answer now I would probably say Episode 2. That’s mainly because I think it is the best in the series, although replaying it may not be the same as thinking it’s the best.

What about you?

The Poll


  1. cubedude89

    I didn’t vote because I reply ALL of them every summer lol.

  2. Ade

    do you get ANY sleep during the summer?

  3. cubedude89

    Not much, especially this summer, I have to learn the basics of Unrealengine 3, cryengine2, irrlicht engine and finish a special project with Phillip (as seen in the project Center at the bottom of the page) before I start college in september. 😀 (Hopefully Strider Mountain will be done before summer so that wont be on my list!)

    Good night! lol might be the last time I can say that for a while

  4. cubedude89

    One reader replays all the games every summer

    Oh! I didnt see you stated that already haha!

  5. AI

    After I play thru them (HL2 ect) I like to go back, turn on God & noclip to go to the places where I’m not supposed to be, the first time arround!! Must be the urban explorer in me! I do enjoy HL2, because of the buggy and the airboat, love the drive!! So for me it’s HL2. 😉

  6. firba1

    I seldomly replay games. The last game I replayed was Grand Theft Auto III, more than 6 years after it first came out. It is usually the case that the reason for me replaying a game is that I haven’t played it in a while. However, with Portal, I have found that have wanted to replay it as of late, because it was such an enjoyable experience.

  7. That has to be HL1, I just can’t seem to grow tired of it. I guess it’ll stay with me for many years to come.

  8. Aaron

    I voted episode 2, I’ve won it something like 7 times already. Although I love replaying all Valve’s HL games, I find they never grow old.

  9. Mel

    I am not sure yet due mainly to not playing HL2 EP2 which by all accounts is good. What I can say though is I have played through all the games listed 2 or 3 times except HL2 EP1 which I would not bother with a second time.

  10. n00bie51

    I don’t blame you if it seems difficult to enjoy playing these games over and over again. Half-Life is the mother of all scripted, linear gameplay. Although beautiful, gripping, and with intelligent AI to play with, it lacks replayability due to its linearity and strong scripting. These aren’t bad things, mind you, but the first experience is always the best.

  11. Aniline

    Replayed HL1 a lot before HL2 arrived. Now I select a saved file somewhere in HL2 and replay from there for an hour or so, but not the whole thing. Mostly for antlion exorcism – I hate those guys.

  12. Mman

    Half-life 1, it’s the longest (even discounting Xen) and full of hidden areas and secrets, as well as best all-round gameplay balance as far as I’m concerned (although I think the Episodes have surpassed it in gameplay overall, but I don’t think they have as much replay value).

  13. DeadMeat

    Can’t vote cause I’ve only played Half Life 2 and episode 1 so far. But I’ve played HL2 at least 5 times and episode one 3 or 4 times so far. Usually first time I play on normal difficulty then second on hard. Then I might try to play without quick saves -or as little saves as possible at least. Well every time I do things more or less diffrently. Thats possible with half life 2 even though its so linear “tuberun” game.

    Once I played beach run or what ever the chapters are called, without buggy. Left it right there at crane. Great fun. 😀

  14. Zockopa

    Have to say HL1. Agree with Mman. However no HL-game has the same replayvalue like DX.

  15. I love to go back and play Half life 1 through again. I do it every year, usually with some new models and skins.

  16. andrej

    For me it`s HL1 I`ve replayed it for more then 15 times
    I even tried to beat it without losing any health on easy this cold work till some point of the game

  17. Hoyy

    I think its the Half life 1 because its just epic.. holy .. eh and it’s a veeeeeeeeeeery complex story, not only that, its hella better than hl2. not due to graphics, but due to that great story it have. I like the sequels, hl2 is the best of them, but episodics add much more things, the valve is making too much money you know, damn it. they add up some things in the source engine. for me its not the very best, but episodic goes well as I always wanna know the story. as for the blueshifts, opposing forces and alikes, I just dont bother much with their existence, due to the added complexity in the story, in trade of actually nothing! not being gordon I dont care.

  18. 4lyx

    I have never played a game or mod twice. I just can’t do it. If I know what’s about to happen then I get bored.

    Drop a Half-Life 2 map into Sci-Fi mod. That changed it for me! And if you know how, you can combine some mods with Sci-Fi and get Sci-Fi goodness!

    Im voting Half-Life 2!

    EDIT – LoL…it says I quoted me…at least it “did”…this board is confusing…

  19. EDIT – LoL…it says I quoted me…at least it “did”…this board is confusing…

    Not really confusing just broken. The attribution for the quotes stopped working properly when WordPress was updated. 🙁

  20. HL1 has replay value in terms of length.
    HL2 should have the mos replay value in terms of length combines with graphics.
    Ep1 gets replay value through being very compact. You get a lot of the coolest features in a very short easy to play package.
    Ep2 gets the replay value from Achievements.

    I’d have to Say Portal has had the most replay value to me personally. Between the achievements and the different gameplay, and the bonus map challenges, I have played that over and over again.

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