Poll Question 024 – How long do your normal SP gaming sessions last?

30th March 2007

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

I don’t spend as long playing games as I used to, partly because my eyes get tired (Yes I have the correct glasses!) and partly because I get a little bored. Gone are the days of whole afternoons and evening passing in running and shooting. But what about you?

How long do your normal SP gaming sessions last?

  • About 1 Hour
  • Between 1 and 3 hours
  • More than 3 hours

I answered about 1 hour because lately I


  1. I try to play arround 1 to 2 hours a day normally between 20h30 and 23h00 browsing at the same time through PP and other website but when I see that there are more and more games and so more and more maps and mods…I still don’t play enough to get a right balance between played and not played (just started Unreal in 2007…)

  2. zeroth404

    many…many hours.

    depending on how gripping the game is. many games just aren’t.

    Half-Life 2, Doom 3, Fear, These are games that I sat through pretty much non-stop, other than bathroom breaks, work/school, and … other unmentionables.

  3. architect

    i play a custom map here and there whenever a new one is released (not very often), the original games cant be played to the end. (maybe drop in for a favorite level, thats it) I feel as if most games have 30 or so levels, because its all “filler”. Second or third time around I just find boring, occasional good part in every one level. As a complete game its good, but id rather have it all crammed into half the amount of levels.

    this will all change when gta4 comes out 😛

  4. Zockopa

    “many…many hours.
    depending on how gripping the game is. many games just aren’t.”

    Exactly. If a game sucks me in,i play probably
    the whole day. But that is rare in the last years. Also most newer FPS have a very short
    playing time. HL2 and Fear I completed over a
    weekend – and I played them not the “whole day”.
    Actually im playing Stalker and this is also a
    good game that is worth playing in a long session.

  5. Ryan "Quakis" Rouse

    I used to be a big gamer and could sit for almost half the day on weekends gaming. Those days are now over, mostly less than two hours. Being busy is one thing, but I get easily bored or tired with games these days, unless it’s really enjoyable / not tiresome. For mods/maps I’d play through till the end in one sitting.

  6. AI

    I’m retired what can I say! (I don’t want to hear get a life!) BTW, Phillip where did you get a pic of my bathroom?? On topic, I have played sometimes till I can’t see straight!

  7. Jimbo

    If it’s a great game, I usually play it 3-6 hours till I quit. I have just beaten Stalker and it took me 30-35 hours to do. I bought the game last friday, and the night I got it I played it for 9 HOURS. Too much to do in that game! Then as the days went on the time per day I spent playing got shorter and shorter. Great game though.

    But usually I play for a few hours if the game is new– I finished HL2 ep 1 in two days. Stalker is just a fluke in my system because it’s unique (rpg and fps? Sold!).

    “On topic, I have played sometimes till I can’t see straight! ”

    Yeah…this will happen especially if you play fps’s in the dark too long! I’ve been there– my left eye got a little blurry once. I’m worried about the health risks. Anyone know of any to enlighten us? That might make a good topic, Phillip.

  8. Lately, I’ve only been playing 1-3 hours at the most when something new comes out. Before, if I were playing a new game & a good one, I would start early evening, not answer the phone or the door (unless I was expecting something), get situated in my chair & start for an all nighter pausing only to get glass after glass of water. Sometimes playing until the sun came up. I simply can’t do that like I use to because like Phillip, it has taken a toll on my eyes (especially since I work on computers all day for work anyway). Plus, unless it’s just mind blowing with some great storyline, it easily gets more boring for me. I imagine though that once I get my new computer & play some of the newer games, I will pull a few all nighters again.

  9. Oh God!!! I just looked in the mirror! I swear I wasn’t that old when I booted my PC!

  10. Ezequielhl

    You’ll not belevie my stupid commentary. I passed more than 4 hours playing shooters. When the graphics improved at the level of 2002-2003, they were too good for my eyes to support them more than one and half hour.

    I’m not getting old: I can play 3 hours of Half Life or mods, but only 1 or little more of HL2.

    Curious: I can play 5 or 6 hours of FEAR if I turn the graphics in the very minimum requirements :P.

  11. Darth Marsden

    I used to play a great deal, but these says I find that I don’t play them as much as I once did. Generally I spend about an hour or two at a time, maybe a bit more if it’s a new game and I get sucked in.

    In the old days, I could spend whole afternoons playing the same thing. …what’s happening to me?

  12. what’s happening to me?

    You are getting old!

  13. Darth Marsden

    I’m 22!

  14. zeroth404

    gaming never dies.

    you’ll catch me with the same gaming habbits when I’m 80. I’ve had my current gaming habbits for the passed 13 years, and I ain’t losin them any time soon.

  15. AI

    Finished DL’ng FakeFactories graphics ver 4 for HL2-HL2 EP1 (3.20gb) never got an addon that big before! All installed ready to go, it’s 6:15cst USA now! Allniter (maybe)

  16. I’m 22!

    Oh yeah … you are way so old. Haven’t you heard? 22 is like the new 32 :p

  17. SPY

    i have a rule about playing a new game, I always play it for 2 hours or so and then start to do something else. because I always notice that after 2+ hours my atention starts to fade a bit, and I don’t want to rush through a game. I like to explore every corner of it, and as soon as I get the feeling of running through it I stop, (or it should be a bad game, but then I most of the times stop playing it, or save it for a raint day).


  18. Heyzors

    I just play random times. Normally its between 1-3 hours. It depends on what I’m playing and who it’s with. I can play CS:S for along time, especially when I’m surfing. I’m currently working on Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil, but that gets too repetitive so I usually stop playing after a while. Half-life 1 and 2 mods probably take up most of my time. I think they have endless fun, and will play them over occasionally and I always search for more. Speaking of which, if you have any recommendations, post it.

  19. Ade

    This is why we are here:P because Half-Life mods take up most of our time.. And I mean that in the nicest possible way! Even if we would all have the killer systems to run all the SP-FPSs in the world, we would still come back.. to HL.. 😀

  20. 1 – 3 Hours is probably my average, but I’ve gone as much as a full day, sleep, and then game the entire next day when I have the time and a game that I’m really into.

  21. Some days I play all day..Different mods and games. Some days even weeks I don’t play anything.. so 0- 12+ hours.. depends on if I am stuck in bed.. I also do allot of blogging. From my typos I know it’s hard to imagine but they are about quantum physics, unified field theory, molecular biology and related subjects.. I’ll have to post a my theory on the big bang… that was impossible… it would have been “The big suck”… Think about it.. Big bang? the way it’s theorized it would have had to be have been one big solid chunk of material… no place for it all to go.. Implosion makes more sense.

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