1. I would be interested in entering, and in hearing what other people come up with.

    1. okay, thanks for letting me know. I’m hoping for about 4 people to express an interest.

  2. Half-Life Dubstep would be cool

  3. Nick

    This would be awesome.

  4. i would love to, as I have been making electronic music for about 14 years now.
    drop us a line if it goes ahead.


  5. my wife jeanette has been composing music for 6 years using many programs including magix music maker MX,sequel 1 and 2 and mixcraft 5 and 6 … so I shall see if she is interested ….. what kind of music are we looking at… similar to the music in the games or something alternative …..( up beat or electronica )
    check out some of jeanettes music at http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=756434

  6. This is sort of both on- & off-topic, but a while ago on the (now gone) forum I asked for and got some help in extracting sound files from maps. I had some fun playing around with dialogue, sound effects and so on, using Audacity and re-cutting various (mostly dance, electronica & so on) tracks with HL 1 & 2 & Portal things over dubbed on them.

    I got a bit frustrated as I’m only a keen amateur at such things, and love to hear those with more time & probably better equipment (& ability!) re-mixing stuff, but I still have a bit of an ambition in this direction….(Though I am far behind Brianthesnail’s Jeanette, as I’m learning, listening to her stuff as I type this..recommend!)

    The few tracks I did come up with are not necessarily in a fit state to share on here, and wouldn’t fit the post’s description of “new piece of music” to put behind the actual games….but, seeing as how a week or so after the original post there have only been a handful of replies, I wonder if the category might be slightly relaxed to include such offerings?

    If so, I’ll revisit my efforts and see if I can make them more interesting/humorous/less-painful than they are and post the result(s)….

    If not then that’s fine, I just thought I’d mention it.

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