Half-Life 2 – The Musical!

4th February 2007


When I was knee-high to a grasshopper I remember watching Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly and many others in what are called Musicals. I loved them, in fact I could probably still watch them now.

Where Are They Now?

With the exception of 8 Mile, it seems that musicals have gone the way of other movie spectacles – that great cutting room floor in the sky! Poll Question 016 got me thinking if it would be possible to make a musical FPS game.

Type of Music

One presumes that the music would need to be the sort that most players of the game listen to. But that would be a very wide range of styles!

Something Less Serious

When I first started to write this post I was serious and it would be an interesting concept to pursue but I would also like to have some fun with it. Let’s imagine scenes within Half-Life 2 and suggest songs that would either be appropriate or funny for that situation.

You need to state the moment when the songs starts, who sings it (perhaps a duet?) and the song title. For example: “Alyx and Gordon in the lift, she starts to sing “Words get in the way by Gloria Estefan”. (OK, it’s not very funny but yours will be hilarious!)

Below are the chapter titles to help you.

The Chapters
  • Chapter 1: Point Insertion
  • Chapter 2: Red Letter Day
  • Chapter 3: Route Kanal
  • Chapter 4: Water Hazard
  • Chapter 5: Black Mesa East
  • Chapter 6: We Don’t Go To Ravenholm
  • Ravenholm Part 2: Mines & Shorepoint
  • Chapter 7: Highway 17
  • Chapter 8: Sandtraps
  • Chapter 9: Nova Prospekt
  • Chapter 10: Entanglement
  • Chapter 11: Anticitizen One
  • Chapter 12: Follow Freeman
  • Chapter 13: Our Benefactors
  • Chapter 14: Dark Energy
I Should Start

I should really offer some suggestions since it’s my post but unfortunately I’m terrible at remembering song titles and words, unless I’m singing in the bath, in which case I should be on the stage, if you know what I mean!


  1. Perhaps not as appropriate now that you’ve LEFT Ravenholm, but for Highway 17, AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” would be perfect.

  2. AI

    I think the “Route 66” theme song would be fitting for Highway 17, without lyrics!

  3. As commented in Poll Question 16 ….

    Pffft. What are you guys smoking?

  4. As commented in Poll Question 16 ….

    Pffft. What are you guys smoking?

    What does that mean?

  5. This topic just rang a funny tune to me.

    Phillip, there’s a musical out every few years. Some make it, some don’t. I know “The Producers” got rave reviews but I couldn’t sit through it. Two of my favorites are Chicago & most fav, Moulin Rouge (with Nic Kidman & ever so handsome Ewan McGregor). Brilliantly written musical script. Granted the movie industry doesn’t spit one out every year but (usually) when they do, they’re great!

  6. Jimbo

    Chapter 13: Our Benefactors

    As soon as you get dropped in the grav-room and you get the super gravity gun–

    ‘Queen- Dont Stop Me Now’

    It would fit perfectly.

  7. Manual_Monaro

    Perhaps not as appropriate now that you’ve LEFT Ravenholm, but for Highway 17, AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” would be perfect.

    Yes, that’d be perfect.

    In Point Insertion, when the CP shoves away the citizen from the stack of suitcases on the trolley, instead of saying “Alright I’m moving, jeez,” he could let out a sigh, then walk towards the camera and say “Now I’ve lost everything… absolutely everything… Including,” he starts sobbing, ” my… my mommy.” He then breaks into the song “I’ve Lost My Mummy” by Rolf Harris. Annoyed citizens gather around him until the song finishes and a squad of CPs jump on him and clobber him to death with stunsticks!

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