Gaming Stool and Gun Interface Concept

6th January 2007


I can’t remember where I found the image and pdf file but it certainly looks interesting. I wrote about something similar here: Could this replace the gaming mouse? You need to open the larger image to appreciate the full concept. I’d be willing to give it a long-term test. How about you? Below is an abstract of the paper and the full paper is here: Gaming Stool.pdf.

“This paper presents a new gaming device and interaction method for First-Person-Shooters (FPS) based on ChairIO, a novel intuitive hands-free interface. ChairIO is based on a stool and is similar to a joystick, but controlled by the user


  1. If you go to this kind of concept, it would be better if you don’t see the weapon on the screen, like in car game where you see the interior of a car…

  2. Fluffy The Hamster

    Oh, pfft. We’ve had interactive light controllers before. You know where they went? Nowhere. Fast.

  3. Anonymous Idiot

    I can see control issues. How do you turn? Strafe? Lean, jump, or crouch? How do you turn left while leaning right, jumping backwards, and crouching? Seems like a silly requirement, I’ll admit, but the keyboard can do that without incident.

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