for Half-Life

2nd October 2005

Basic Details
  • Title: Friendship: the town of Half-Life.RU mappers
  • File Name: hl1-sp-friendship.7z
  • Original File Name: friendship2.exe
  • Size : 16.4Mb
  • Author: Mappers
  • Date Released: 20 March 2003
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Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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  1. Darth Marsden

    This is… interesting. I’ve yet to make it out of the first map in this pack. I’m completely at a loss as to what to do and the irritating thing is that if I could read Russian the game would propably have already told me the answer!

    Well, from what little I’ve played, I gather this is a collective effort, with different authors making different houses in each map. Perhaps further on I’ll see something more establised, but as of yet I’m not sure what to say…

  2. Darth Marsden

    Found out the problem. Since the menu is in Russian, I didn’t realise you have to click on what was “Hazard Course” to play the proper game. Silly me.

    Played through the whole thing now and I have to say I spent an awful lot of time siting around doing nothing. The idea was that there was a tram which you rode connecting all the different maps (looking at the credits, the individual maps ARE done by different people, as I suspected), but the problem is you spend half your time on this tram as you need to go back and forth between certain maps to get various keycards. And, again, it’s Russian, so it’s trial and error as to which keycard opens which door.

    I’ll help you off – you need to go to the station marked “BUzer” first. After that you’re on your own.

    The maps themselves are… well, different. Some make sense, some don’t. Some have weird warp holes, some have rockets. And some… well, some just don’t make much sense at all. But what did you expect? It’s Russian. (Zing!)

    If you’re stuck for Half-Life maps, this may want to give this one a try. But don’t expect to finish it quickly.

  3. Mystery8

    Like Darth, I was a bit confused at first and got lost in the “What do I do know” sense a few times. However, I liked the tram-ride idea for connecting maps and the maps themselves are visually very nice (especially the first). It’d be nice to get an English translation of this to fully enjoy it.

  4. 2muchvideogames

    I finally finished this mod. I shall help you all out because it is not only difficult to figure out what to do and where to go, the combat is really hard as well.

    There are NO autosaves anywhere, so keep your hand on that quicksave! However, NEVER quicksave if you have red health, as you may be stuck with not enough to get across certain areas. There is one area that requires 81 HP at least to get across, so beware.

    Here goes:

    [spoiler] If you start a new game and you begin in the attic of a house in a foggy town, then know that this is the “training” level and not the actual game.

    If you start on a osprey or in a TOWN with 3 buildings and a magik tower behind you, then this is the real game. Start by entering the first building in your right, which should have a pool on the roof. Dive into the pool to get the TRAINSTATION KEYCARD, but watch out for leeches. After than exit the building. Headcrabs would have shown up by now outside, so tread carefully. the trainstation is the to the far right with the glass doors, access the keycard panel and enter. Beware barnacles! You have NO weapons so if one catches you, you’re done.

    Take the platform up to the train. This is where the confusion begins. The train goes thru the following stations in order of appearance:
    TOWN – where you are at right now
    RIVER – don’t go here yet, there’s lots of aliens, and you have no weapons
    SUBWAY SYSTEM CONTROL – blocked off by boxes
    SPACE PORT – the train cannot access this place yet.
    POWER STATION – the train cannot access this place yet
    BUzer – Get off the train here.

    DO NOT JUMP OFF THE TRAIN AT ANY TIME! You WILL get stuck and be screwed over! Just wait 20 minutes for the train to get to the station! You played Half Quake Amen so this shouldn’t be a big deal!

    Anyway in BUzer, there will be a desert with a bunker in the middle. Enter Cheater’s Bunker and find your suit and crowbar. Finally, weapons. Make sure to get Cheater’s Keycard as well although I have no idea what that does.

    Exit Cheater’s Bunker and go up the slope near the train station, and to the left will be an irradiated canyon. Be careful! there is a tentacle in the middle and you will take irradiation damage. Hug to the left side and enter the small canyon to get to Alvarec’s Church. Bash the zombies with you crowbar and press the “use” key on the tomb. It will open to reveal a hidden ladder leading to the vault. What’s in the vault? A bullsquid! I hope you have enough health to crowbar it to death. If not, read the next paragraph. Beyond the bullsquid will be two vaults. The left one has alot of ammo and glock, shotgun, and mp5. The right vault has the 357 but will be guarded by headcrabs. Take your pick. Also activate the generator from the switch in the right vault.

    IF YOU ARE LOW ON HEALTH: I would suggest riding the train to SUBWAY SYSTEM CONTROL to break the boxes and get the mp5. There is also a health and suitcharger there to buff you up. Do not go further: the control room is guarded by ALOT of alien grunts. Return to BUzer to claim your weapons. (Read the paragraph above this one)

    You can enter Alvarec’s church to get his keycard, but I don’t think there’s a use for it.

    Exit the church the way you came and get across the irradiated canyon back to the train. If you do not have enough health then you’re screwed. I’d say you will need around 10 or more. If you lost alot of HP in the cemetery then that’s very bad.

    Now that you have lots of weapons, you can get a keycard in RIVER. Ride the train and get off at RIVER. Please don’t fall into the river, because in case you haven’t noticed, the water is GREEN. It’s not healthy.

    The RIVER area will have two houses, one in front of you and one far down the other side. The one in front will be locked so go down the far side house. Make sure to pick up the ammo pack near the dead HEV dude and, of course, take care of the aliens.

    Break the window of the house (do not attempt to go through the back door, you will be attacked by rats) and make you way to be basement. Stand on the little boxes that will be able to help you land safely. Enter the red portal of Evil and pick up your weapons and especially the EVIL KEYCARD there. This will let you access the radiation building (the first building you saw in RIVER)

    Keep going and you’ll end up back in RIVER. Go up the hill and you can enter the other building. There are two buttons, one red and one black. Press them and the pipe should open up. Climb the ladder down to the radiation room. Move quickly and climb up the other ladder (if it’s blocked then go back up and press either of the 2 buttons in the room)
    The ladder will take you to the roof, and an alien grunt will be waiting. Take him out and be sure to pick up the ROOF KEYCARD. Return to the train and go to…

    SUBWAY SYSTEM CONTROL. With your shotgun you should be able to clear the alien grunts in the dark hallway. The snark mines do not work so don’t worry about them.

    In the subway control room, there is a switch set to BUzer. Flip the switch so that it’s set to SPACE PORT. Exit the area and enter to train which will now take you to SPACE PORT. There is a large platoon of aliens, I think it was one grunt, 4 vortigaunts, 3 houndeyes and 2 zombies. Make most of the ammunition and take them all out.

    In the canyon there will be a lift that will get you up to the top. There is a gargantua up there but don’t worry, he’s friendly! Say hi and use the keycard to access the sandbag building.

    In the first room will be a portal behind the door. Enter the portal that takes you to the control room with a LAUNCH button and 3 other portals. From left to right, the 3 portals will take you to the basement, second floor and first floor (where you came from). Take the first portal on the left to enter the basement. Look at the rocket and then find the red blast doors. Press the red button to the left of the doors to open them. Now, quicksave, and walk slowly (or crouch) across the corridor until green lasers show up. If you’re lucky the lasers will appear before you get sliced by them. quickly back up, and wait for about 5 minutes or so. Now walk slowly (or crouch) across again towards the green lasers to see if they disappear, if they do, quickly run across and go down the ladder to the bottom. You will end up in an airfield with a stealth bomber waiting for you. Get inside, and enjoy the ride.


    I don’t know how to finish the mod properly, because I don’t speak Russian and have no idea how to get thru the game normally, The furthest I got was going to mars but I’ll rather spare you the pain of going there (there is an arena with two gargs, well you know)
    So pat yourself on the back for finishing a difficult Russian mod while having no clue what to do! Congrats.


  5. Maybe?

    Well, there is a sample of very confused puzzle mod. There are also few weird bugs which easily can make you get stuck. So, if you want full walkthough for this mod – there is it:
    1. Start in the Town. Take a KC (keycard) from the pool and go to the train station. Ride the train to the River.
    2. Run aside the left of Bullsquid’s Bunker and try to jump down and do not loose too much health. You should avoid alien slave at the right side of the bunker, because you have no weapon now. Controllers can’t hit you, if you are fast enough. Continue to the locked house and take a container with ammo near it. Then stand near the window and try to make controllers to shoot the window’s glass. When it’s broken, jump to the window and grab a crowbar. Go down and enter the portal. Grab some weapons in a Half-Quake gallery and KC for the bunker.
    3. Return to the Bunker. Avoid controllers, shoot only alien slave. Enter the bunker and go down. Avoid bullsquid or kill it, as you wish. Use barrels to get a ladder to the roof. Move fast, grab a KC (for Rocket Bunker) from the roof, try to minimize all damage from controllers and alien grunt. Do not shoot them, just get out of there quickly 🙂
    4. Ride the train to the Subway system control station. Get ammo from boxes, kill a headcrab and use health & energy chargers. Then clean out some nasty alien grunts, bullsquid and zombie from your way. Try do not waste your ammo too much. Activate a subway control switch and return to the train.
    5. Ride to Space Port, clean out all aliens near the station. Use elevator and go to the Rocket Bunker. There is a garg, but he’s your friend, don’t afraid him. Use some portals and buttons to launch a rocket. Garg will break a wall to the area with space shuttles, but you can’t use them for now. Avoid even using a button under Quake III logo! You will get a game-breaking bug if you push that button without a proper ticket (to Qutrindia)! It can be activated only ONCE. You can find some healthkits here, grab them if you on low health. Return to the train.
    6. Ride to the Power Station. Shoot some aliens here, but afraid of snarks near their nest. Enter the station via a big gate facing the train station. Get into the power station, kill an alien grunt here and pick up a KC and a hivehand (yay!).
    7. Ride to BUzer Station. Use an elevator to go down to Sasha Cheater’s bunker. Kill few zombies and a headcrab around and inside the bunker. You should find here a healthkit and 2 batteries in a wardrobe, plus Che@ter’s KC.
    8. Get to the top of the hill above BUzer station and you’ll see here a big crater (caused by that rocked you’ve launched before). Take a left side. Move quickly to avoid a radiation. You are at churchyard now. You can ignore zombies, just try to reach a grave with tall sarcophagus. Use it and it will open. Go down by a ladder and kill a bullsquid and two headcrabs inside. You’ll find here a big stock of ammunition. Return to the churchyard and clean out all zombies around and inside the church. You can find Alvarec’s KC inside.
    9. Return to the crater, to the opposite side. There is BUzer’s futuristic house and some houndeyes near it. Kill them all and take an elevator to get inside the house. Kill some headcrabs here and search for Buzer’s KC and a ticket for Qutrindia. Get to the roof and you’ll find here a black hole leading you to another Half-Quake area. Get some fun here and return to the train station.
    10. Ride the train to the Town and visit Mages” Tower. Clean out all aliens from your way. You’ll find a KC in the Tower. Attention! It’s recommended to restore your health and energy to the maximum possible value before next step (100 HP is very recommended).
    11. Return to the train and ride to the space port. Go to the area with shuttles. Use that button below Quake III symbol and take a space ride for Qutrindia. Your shuttle will be crashed at landing, you’ll loose all of your weapons and suit and you’ll get a very serious falling damage (over 70 HP). Then you’ll face a hard batlle against aliens. There will be 3 battle rounds, first is especially hard. You should find a suit and some ammunition in the small room which opens when the first round begins. You’ll get very limited ammo at first time. So do the save frequently and only on successful killing of enemies. Save your ammo, spend 1 crossbow arrow for every alien controller and finish each of them with 2 pistol bullets. Try to eliminate alien grunts with M203 grenades and kill others with remaining bullets and a shotgun. Move very quickly, use covering every time when possible to avoid any damage, because your health and energy will be very insufficient. After the first round you will be able to start second round (by touching a green flare on a battlefield). It also gives you an access to a second chamber with a good stock of ammunition. You just need to kill a big momma now. Third round will open for you a third chamber. Kill 2 agressive gargs, take all possible ammunition, healthkits and batteries and go to a opened gate. Use ladder and get into a small building with a control room. Activate a switch inside to remove a barrier in front of teleporter. Go down and pick up a KC for SmileIE’s house near teleporter. Step inside and return to the space station.
    12. Visit the SmileIE’s house in the Town. Kill some aliens and grab KC for Disabled’s house (on a second floor) and a ticket to Mars (on the roof).
    13. Go to the Disabled’s house and take a KC for the Martian residence (lying on the cage with a headcrab).
    14. Return to the space port and take the shuttle to Mars. Go to the Martian residence (Graster’s house), clean out all aliens from your way. Use a button on the second floor to get an access inside a Martian station (Demiurge’s house). Kill remaining aliens inside and take a KC and longjump module (it’s necessary to finish our mission). Return to the surface and use a red portal to get back inside a shuttle.
    15. Return to the Town. Go to the top of the Mage’s Tower. Jump from barrels to the top of a subway bed. Walk over it to the point in front of a gate with a big portal (and G-Man near it). Do the longjump on an edge of mountain over the gate. Jump down into the portal.
    16. You are in Xen now. There is no enemies, so relax and try to reach The Church of the HoLY VALVe. Meet G-Man there and head back to the island with friendly alien slave. You’ll be teleported back in the Town.
    17. Go to the space port. Once again Garg will do some help for you. Go to the rocket chamber and open fire door. Now there is a hole and you can safely steal under green lasers. Go into a stealth plane and enjoy final titles.[/spoiler]

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