Fake Half-Life 3 Websites – BEWARE!

16th July 2013

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I’m sure we all agree that regular PP readers are smarter than most Half-Life players 😉 but I wanted to warn everybody about a slightly disturbing piece of news I read on the Half-Life subReddit, which linked to a Softpedia article.

Put simply; scammers are creating websites purporting to give users early access to alphas and betas of the game.

The actual URLs are listed in the Softpedia article and I won’t repeat them here, visit them at your own risk.

Valve are very clever with their marketing campaigns but I’m sure they wouldn’t do anything like this.


  1. This whole Half Life 3 CONFIRMED crap is really annoying the hell out of me.
    Its not really funny unlike other memes. Grumpycat is funny, Gangnam Style is awful but mildly amusing but this Half Life 3 thing is just boring.

    In all forums and discussions threads its all you ever see. Thank god it hasn’t reached this site *touch wood*.

    Outside of that, the really boring conversation of “when will Half Life 3 come out” is so so dull now and yet it still dominates HL2 forums all over the web.

    1. Agreed. I hope Valve delays release of HL3 until this stuff dies away and people have almost lost hope. Then BAM! Half-Life 3 is NOW available for download. Of course it won’t happen like that, but I’d be happy if it did.

      1. Ade

        no 🙁 id be happy if it came out tomoz, cus who knows how long we each have 😐

        thx for the heads up, Phillip

    2. JG

      You can’t really blame the memes, though. Valve is the one who eggs them on with the elaborate ARGs, “mysterious” entities that show up in other games, cancelled showings at game conventions, and so on. At some point, people just had enough and decided to chastise them right back for it.

  2. AI

    At my age I hope it comes out before I end up in a nursing home!!! :-p

    1. Everything considered, I strongly suspect cryogenics will be the only answer for all who await HL3!

  3. Alex

    Good way to always test, do a WHOIS search on the domain, it will tell you if Valve own it or not.

  4. So, some websites offer me a free iPad and Half-Life 3 if I complete the survey? Looks legit 🙂

    P.S: install Web of Trust addon and vote them down, so other users will be warned …

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