Discussion Podcast 000

4th August 2009

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

For the very first PP Podcast I am joined by Matt Glanville AKA CrowbarSka, maker of Union and the soon to be released Corn Of The Dead.

We discuss 5 selected mods from July 2009 and also chat a little bit about viewpoints. The show lasts just under 38 minutes.

I hope you enjoy the show and please don’t hesitate to provide feedback about the format etc.

I would like to hear from readers, especially mappers, who would like to appear on the show with me. You need to have Skype installed and not be shy on-air!

Listen to the podcast



  1. Okay, so I thought it went quite well. Improvements for next month:
    A proper intro, with music and a Podcast17 Style highlights.
    Better sound quality from me (I’ll use my proper mike, not my headset).
    Better sound quality from the output.
    Fixed, topic of discussion (In this podcast we chatted about the viewpoints at the end and I edited it in).

    What would you like to see changed?

  2. David

    Lots for you to fix for next time:

    – I got 5mins in, then clicked a link on your site (zomg im noob), so maybe a pop-out link or new tab link for peeps who want to continue using your site while listening.

    – Clicking a link would of been ok, but the player you’re using has to search/track function, you have to listen to the 5mins again.

    – I was not going to listen to those 5mins again, so I clicked download, without a clue how big the file was (you should mention somewhere it’s 26mb).

    – While listening, you we’re only on the left speaker and guest was only on the right. A bit odd (there’s also a psychological study that shows the right ear is more attuned to speech).

    – I’ve not listened to it all yeh, but it lacked some fun. Humour is not needed for written word, but I really helps for podcasts. I also listen to http://www.webcomics.com/ podcast, sometimes all they do is answer 1 reader question, the rest of the 1 hour show is 4 guys having a laugh.

    Well, it’s finished downloading, off to actually listen to it 😛

  3. enablerbr

    not bad for your 1st own produced podcast. as with David, I thought it was a little dry at times. yet you will no doubt get into your flow as the series goes on.

  4. CrowbarSka

    Games are not a laughing matter! >_<

    1. enablerbr

      a little humor will keep your interest.

  5. oddworld_chris

    Overall a decent pilot and good start to a PP podcast.

    A regular two person co-host program will help stabilise the format and help add the humor that other people have commented on above. With a different “co-host” every week, rather then a special guest talking with two standard co-hosts, makes it difficult for you to build a repour with a different someone every week :-)!

    Possibly something to look into is a regular break down (standardised approach) of how you will be reviewing games, much like what you do with your written reviews. Obviously it can develop further then just a set format (you don’t just want to read what you have written on your website), but it allows an even review and analysis of the mods.

    Are you looking at possibly importing the podcasts to itunes at some stage when you have developed a bit further?

    Anyway just my thoughts 🙂


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