Destination Black Mesa

for Half-Life

1st April 2006

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What is known

It’s a small three level map. The image to the right is the only one I could find. Most of the resources are in French, as is the map.

Now Available!

It’s now available and I would really appreciate any screenshots and reviews!

Basic Details
  • Title: Destination Black Mesa
  • File Name: hl1-sp-destination-black-mesa.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 8.94Mb
  • Author: Legacy
  • Date Released: 17 July 2005
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Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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  1. Setsuna

    I finished it 5 minutes ago, There is more than 20 maps ;).

  2. el_espaniol ….Rocks…!!!!…and… for all kind people here to contribute to keep alive the HL1 spirit and SP games…!!!!
    Keep going on….^__^….!!!

  3. Alexander

    Thanks for resurrecting it, guys!

  4. dufferx

    I am working my way through it and feel it is a good one with one notable exception. Some of the jumps are impossible for me to execute so I am having to noclip just to progress.

  5. "legacy"...legs

    It is funny to see that my MOD is still to download. I hope that there is not too many bug in this version… thank you with all

  6. Mel

    Hi this is a good mod, don’t understand why nobody has posted a review, it’s worth the download and play time, it’s not that small a mod and packs a lot of action for 12.9 Mb download. I come across no bugs other then the usual stuck to the floor type and once you get into the game it flows well with plenty of scene changes with most of then looking familiar. It’s the beginning that my put some players off and to this end after your first ladder drop there is a door to your left and duct grate on the well facing you, ignor both, behind you is a couple of crates and behind them is another ladder, this is the route to take to get you into the flow of the game. Most of the design and textures are from either the original HL1 game or other mods I have played, but the author has added a few nice new touches along the way, but go find them yourself. Planty of action throughout all fair with one or two encounters you will need to repeat, along with a lot of alien vs grunt action that you can either join in, skirt round or wait and mop-up, I tend to wait and mop-up having enjoyed watching the action. I enjoyed this mod once I discovered the best route near the start and it gave me a good evening entertainment. Yes, if you get stuck look for a duct.

  7. bkadar

    hope its still up,gonna try this,working my way through as many hl1 mods as I can still find.thanks planetphillip,moders,fans.

  8. EddieLee

    I can’t get past map N4 – I just recycle to the last save. I noted there was map N5 — should there be ?

  9. EddieLee

    Allow me to clarify my previous post — At the end of map N4, you are in a room across from Silo D. When you hit the switch, soldiers surround you and it fades to black with voices saying you are going outside for interogation. The problem I have is instead of moving forward to map N6 (there is no map N5), it continually reloads my last saved game. It does this both thru the original HL program as well as thru Steam. Apparently something is corrupt, but I can”t find another version of the file other than PlanetPhillip. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

  10. I loaded it up during my lunch break to see what you mean and it does reload a save game.

    “WARNING: failed to locate sequence file n4
    Loading game from SAVE\n4.HL1..”

    I havent had any time to dig further into it yet but if I do I’ll let you know.

  11. EddieLee

    Thanks, appreciate your looking into it.

  12. EddieLee

    If the cause of the above problem is indeed a corrupt file, perhaps someone could upload an older file that they originally downloaded that worked properly in map N4.

    Thanks !

  13. Gilfrarry

    The file is not corrupt. I never had EddieLee’s problem, so I went back to map n4 and replayed it.

    At the beginning of the map you walk into a room with a dead Barney and handgun, and two houndeyes materialize. From here you need to push the barrel to climb on a crate and reach a vent.

    Apparently you have a choice here, because there are two vents. EddieLee has been climbing through the vent high on the wall, above a pipe. The other vent is in the ceiling, in the corner with two crates where the ceiling is lowest. That’s where you need to go.

  14. EddieLee


    Thanks so much for your help; I was using the high vent. It’s not at all obvious that you were killed in the room across from Silo D –it appears it’s just a cut scene and that you will continue from that point after the beating by the soldiers. That’s why I thought the file must be corrupt !

    Appreciate your taking the time to explain it.

  15. Play It Now!

    Great mod for a 12MB download. Choice of run or fight or just watch. Tricky paths to follow, some you have to break into. Set pieces are spectacular.

  16. h
    Avoid It!

    This Mod is only for people, who like “noclip”!

  17. Play It Later

    Hard mod. Sometimes is really hard to understand what you should do to continue your way. But really, noclip is not required. Another small problem – threat of sudden explosions on your way and respawn of grunts. But mod is worth to play, if you like intense action.

  18. Play It Now!

    Just played this mod through the first time in a longer time period..

    It is a very decent mod. The mapping it at all times very good and so is the lightning.
    There are million of scripts in use from spawning and teleporting NPCs into the map which are going after you or fighting with each other to monsters & cars breaking through walls etc.

    Except some smaller bugs like some sounds not playing or some monsters getting stuck in a wall (which you can’t see) it is a really good classic half-life mod. When playing this you sometimes forget that you’re actually playing a mod and not the original Hl1. So you can imagine how the quality of this mod is.

    The only other glitches of this mod are that the texts are in french. Perhaps someone could provide a tranlasted text file in english? Luckily there aren’t many texts at all and you don’t need to understand it anyway it’s just a bit for the story.
    The 2nd glitch is that there doesnt seem to be autosaves. And doors tend to be very dangerous for the player because they tend to trigger explosions sometimes nearby. ^^ So save often in this one.

    I’ve also never used noclip just once during my playthrough. It’s not required like “H” is trying to tell us.

    Ps: This mod has has 19 levels (maps) + 1 level for the training. Not 3 like Planetphillip said.

    My recommendation :

    Play it now!

  19. Think Twice

    Highly disappointed of this mod. The reasons will be obvious quick as soon as you play it.
    Nonetheless I’ll mention them here in the con’s. Enough said..

    -Some good combat scenes
    -A few cool scripts
    -Some easy puzzles
    -Decent balancing
    -Deathmatch map included (load “map c”)

    -No story
    -Lots of original HL areas taken – at least different setup for combat but still boring
    -No atmosphere, but some odd moments
    -Basic, boring and undetailed mapping – except the original HL sections
    -Dead(ly) ends, silly explosions and falling damage
    -Ridiculous enemy placement (also weapon placement for rocket launcher)
    -Stupid hazard course map
    -Config file doesn’t contain movement keys
    -Text messages only in French, no readme

  20. Anon_1192247

    Wery stupid mod,no screenshoots,much bugs,no vaste time with playing.

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