City 17 Idol

4th August 2010

YES! That’s right City 17 Idol is coming. We’ve all heard the rumours, we all heard the gossip about “other” cities getting their “idol” first and we’ve all know it was false. Well, that’s all about to change.

Details are slowly emerging and it seems that the city will be split into four sections for the preliminary auditions: North, South, East and West. Of course, West won’t have many people to choose from since the explosion in the sub-station and the medical services say that even though most of the few remaining survivors got a serious dose of radiation, the long term effects are quite minor.

Each section will send 6 contestants to the final, which will be held 15 working days after the sectional auditions.

While the City 17 Times has yet to receive official confirmation, it seems that the grand prize will be a two-week vacation!

The winner and a guest, can choose between the idyllic and peaceful village of Ravenholm, described in the brochure as “picturesque in its natural simplicity” – perfect for relaxing and letting your worries drift away or a visit to the coastal town of Nova Prospekt. Now, we’ve all heard rumours about Nova Prospekt but this reporter would like to ally your fears. It’s a beautiful place; spectacular cliff walks, long sandy beaches (especially since the water level dropped) and there’s even the old prison to tour if you enjoy excursions. Oh! and the best thing? An express train link from City 17 direct to the town center.

If the prizes haven’t gotten you interested I don’t know what will!

The organizers have issued some guidelines for the type of acts they feel will impress the judges, more about those later.

In the past, you may remember the original “idol” shows. These were from a time before our benefactors arrived and it’s clear now that the way we used to live was wrong. So put aside wasteful thoughts of singing or dancing. Those types of acts only serve to remind us of the bad things we did. No, the City 17 Idol, will be a celebration of efficiency and productivity.

To win the title of City 17 Idol you must demonstrate your commitment to your city and your basic work function. Whilst it’s not this newspaper’s task to suggest acts, we feel that the winner will combine austerity with compliance – the perfect “Idol” for all City 17 citizens!

Now, a little earlier we mentioned the judges. A number of leading figures from the city will be in attendance and there’s even a small chance that Dr. Breen may make an appearance for the final – won’t that be wonderful?

Look out for more details in the coming weeks and get rehearsing!

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  1. Pyro

    Sounds like fun.

    Now, will the curfew still be enforced during auditions? I don’t think we want a repeat of last year’s talent show. There were even a few nasty miscounts caused by the checkpoints being overcrowded.

    1. Dear City 17 Times reader,
      no, the curfew isn’t going to be a problem because all auditions will be held at lunchtime.

      “last year’s show” was an unofficial event and we can’t condone anything held outside the city’s control. It was sad that 23 citizen died during the event and also a miscarriage of justice because the winner really couldn’t reach the high notes. We can only guess they passed food packages onto the “judges”.

      1. One would think that passsing those disgusting maggot-ridden “food” packages to the judges would have gotten him disqualified. Maybe he got ahold of that new stuff they are supposedly coming out with. I hear they got in touch with the folks in Fedic for ideas.

        But I guess the Combine wouldn’t be in *this world* anymore if they had…

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