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Chapters from Opposing Force for The Replay Experience Experiment.

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Opposing Force: Welcome to Black Mesa

The Replay Experience Experiment: Half-Life: Opposing Force incoming

After the crash of his V-22 Osprey, Adrian Shephard regains consciousness completely in an infirmary, not too far off from the crash site.

He leaves the infirmary, learning that the other Marines who had survived the crash had been killed by the aliens.

He makes his way towards the extraction point, where he is told via radio that the military forces are pulling out of the facility.

6th October 2012 16 Comments

Opposing Force: Incoming

The Replay Experience Experiment: Half-Life: Opposing Force incoming

As the game begins, Shephard is part of the clean-up operation. After his transport aircraft is taken down by an Alien Aircraft and he is cut off from the rest of his unit, the “clean-up” mission is abandoned and Shephard joins forces with the scattered survivors seeking escape.

Before the first chapter of Half-Life: Opposing Force, a short introduction is shown.

As Adrian Shephard and his fellow HECU comrades are approaching the LZ (Landing Zone 117) at the Black Mesa Research Facility, his plane (codenamed Goose 7) is shot down by alien aircraft, along with several other V-22 Ospreys (the first one is codenamed Goose 3).

The rest of the opening sequence consists of Shephard continually losing and regaining consciousness, seeing conflict between the Xen aliens and the Marines who survived the crash.

18th August 2012 14 Comments

Opposing Force: Boot Camp

The Replay Experience Experiment: Half-Life: Opposing Force boot-camp

The training chapter of Opposing Force. Adrian Shephard is bumped to the top of the Advanced Training list.

Shephard and his comrades are trained by Dwight T. Barnes, Marine Drill Instructor, in Santego Military Base, Arizona.

He works his way through the training exercises overlooked by Drill Instructor Sharpe until he is ready for the field.

16th August 2012 19 Comments