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3rd April 2005

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Author’s Note:
“Hello, I’m known as Starbug on most forums, and THIS is the first map I’ve made for Half life 2, rather unimaginatively named “boathouse”, and most definitely belongs in the single player section smile.”

What the Hell makes this map different from all the other Combine vs Rebel maps?

  • An almost completely breakable house, all the walls and the roof are breakable! Watch as your cover is blown away by the Combine!
  • Some fun traps to use against the Combine!
  • A Vortigaunt! (I shouldn’t have to put this down as a unique point! Though to be fair I have only played two Combine vs Rebel maps)

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  1. @Home

    Sounds like an interesting concept for a level.

    I cannot wait to play it.

    I have been thinking of doing some levels of my own but to be quite honest it is a little daunting to me sense I don’t have a lot of experience doing levels. I HAVE done or should say, tried to do some levels for Quake1 and Quake2 but never did finish them. I have some good ideas but it is so painstakingly long of an endeavor that I don’t know that I want to undertake it.

    I will have to think on this more………….. thinking… thinking.. thinking!

    @Home out

  2. Mike

    I enjoyed this map a lot. Although it suffers slightly from “waiting for the next wave” and so is a little repetitive, it looks gorgeous. Soak up that sunlight and breathe in the smokey air. Aah. I do like the great outdoors.

  3. bumtown

    yep its great but it needs a better ending =/

  4. CorB

    yep its great but it needs a better ending =/

    Fun battle filled map (short). Shot down the heli., but that was it, could not find the radio… 6.8/10

  5. Mike

    I rembember being disappointed at the ending. As I recall, you drop down out of the remains of the boathouse and run back towards where you begin the level… and that’s it. Black screen and congrats message. Still a worthy download though.

  6. 2muchvideogames

    eww, the sunlight really got to me, especially with the manhack waves. Everytime I look in that direction, the sunlight pretty much flashbangs my eyes… might need to new glasses soon

  7. Play It Later

    I have no idea what to say about this. It’s a defense map that took me almost an hour to beat. It’s fun at first but gets really REALLY tedious. They spice things up sometimes with things like headcrab shells and a chopper and I like those parts but overall I think it lasted way too long. Visually it’s very pretty but has way too much screen glare when you look towards the sun. It’s so bright that it hurts my eyes and that’s just no fun I say. The ending made no sense. I managed to kill the Strider and all the Elites but it told me to get in the buggy. I got into it and it wouldn’t move then it kept reloading my saves. I don’t even. I would recommend you try it but if you get bored stop.

    Review in 5 words or less
    Goes on way too long.

  8. Play It Later

    Not my cut of tea. Looks great. Plays great except if you go down to the sand, as I was looing for this radio they want you to find, you can’t use the ladder to get back up. Defend the base kind of map.

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