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Half-Life: Crowbar-Deep in the Dead (Demo)

for Half-Life

Half-Life: Crowbar-Deep in the Dead is a complete re-imagining of the first episode of DOOM (1993), taking all of the original levels from Knee-Deep in the Dead and remaking them in the style of Half-Life and its many expansions.

Take control of Dr. Stan Blazkowicz, a Black Mesa engineer thrust into a fierce battle for survival as he fights off hordes of aliens and military troops, shooting and blasting his way through some of the most iconic levels in FPS history. Will you live through this alien hellscape long enough to see tomorrow, or will you be just another body strewn about in the ruins of Black Mesa?

Note: this release is a demo including 4 playable maps. Unfortunately the full version of Half-Life: Crowbar-Deep in the Dead is now on indefinite hiatus.


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Classic of the Month Stream – Echoes – November 2020

November, already! Or, at last, if you’re in the U.S. Anyway, time for another Classic of the Month stream. This time it’s a relatively recent release from 2018: the superb Half-Life: Echoes by James ‘MrGnang’ Coburn. It’s one of the best-looking HL mods out there, thanks in no small part to the excellent Nightwatch textures. And it’s been a little while since I’ve picked a true classic Half-Life mod to play, but Echoes certainly qualifies.

I’ll be streaming this Saturday November 21st, about 12pm (noon) Eastern US Time (5pm in the UK, 6pm Central Europe).

Twitch is again the streaming platform! The stream will be on the RunThinkShootLive Twitch Channel.

Check the Time & Date.Com website for your local time. See you there!

18th November 2020 1 Comment

TWHL Tower 2

for Half-Life

Five years ago, you fought and ascended the first tower alone. You thought it would be over, that that would be the end.

But you were sorely mistaken. You’ve received a new call to another tower’s roof and you meet an “old acquaintance” that kept insisting that a team should have been dispatched rather than a “lone wolf.”

You start to have a feeling of déjà vu – except this time, there’s a long descent ahead of you. And if you explore and observe well enough, the sub-basement bonus map will be unlocked!

Work your way through 25 floors from 18 mappers in this superb sequel to TWHL Tower!


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