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The Lambda Cup 2018 – Challenge 4 – PhaseVille

Hello and welcome to Challenge 4 in the Lambda Cup, a series of five Source single player mapping challenges.

If you are new to my mapping challenges, please see the event’s homepage: THE LAMBDA CUP 2018 as well as the CALENDAR of the mapping challenges for the entire 2018.

Theme Details

The tagline of Half-Life is “Run. Think. Shoot. Live.”. You should know that but not everybody does. That’s where the name of this website comes from.

One of my favourite Villes was RunThinkShootLiveVille. It allowed mappers a chance to create small sections, each with a clear objective; both for the mapper and the player. Each phase was clear, precise and compelling.

For this challenge, we would like you to choose one verb from each phase and blend them into a seamless whole map:
Phase 1: Find / Escape / Ride
Phase 2: Solve / Fight / Evade
Phase 3: Drive / Descend / Chase
Phase 4: Live / Die / Fate Unknown

We are looking for natural flow between each phase. You CAN NOT change the order of the phases.

You are allowed to replace ONE of the verbs in the first 3 phases with one of your own choosing. That’s one replacement total allowed, and it’s optional – so if you like the list you can stick to those choices.

There is one new rule this time [about affecting other maps], so please, please please, read all the rules carefully.


The deadline for submission is 11pm GMT Monday 24th September 2018

31st August 2018 4 Comments

Nuclear Bunker

for Half-Life 2

A nuclear missile’s headed your way. A nuclear bunker is right behind you. But its door is shut.

You have two minutes to find a way inside.

Talk to the people and see if you can decipher their words.


Total Downloads: 1,42831st August 2018
10 Comments and 8 recommendations, most say "Maybe?"

Citadel Arena

for Half-Life 2

Quite a small arena where the enemies, Combine soldiers and Combine Elite, spawn at one end of the area and simply run towards you.

Regular ammo and health drops from a shute.

It’s close combat in a rectangle room.


Total Downloads: 75830th August 2018
12 Comments and 7 recommendations, most haven't enjoyed it


for Half-Life 2

Strange Combine structures can be found inside this building.

Are you in some sort of crossover?

Can you reach the required wording?

When you reach the wall that says “You Win”, guess what? You’ve won!


Total Downloads: 1,02329th August 2018
11 Comments and 10 recommendations, 4 say "Maybe?"

The Lost City

for Half-Life 2

The streets are dangerous place. One squad member will accompany you to where you need to get to.

The problem is, you don’t really know where that is.

Therefore, you must check every door, every alley and every possible route for a way forward.

Somewhere on the coast, you final challenge awaits.


Total Downloads: 3,29428th August 2018
29 Comments and 22 recommendations with no significant bias

Northern Petrol Storage Area

for Half-Life 2

Starting in what looks coastal town, you find yourself up against a constant barrage of Combine soldiers.

Often ways looked block but with your trusty crowbar a way can be found through.

Once you beat the APC you are one step closer to freedom. Or are you?


Total Downloads: 1,76026th August 2018
23 Comments and 16 recommendations, 6 say "Play It Later"


for Half-Life 2

You find yourself in a brick maze. You have a crowbar but health, suit charge, the pistol, ammo and grenades can be “bought”.

You earn “gold” by killing enemies.

Metrocops and fast headcrabs are worth 4, zombies and normal headcrabs are worth 2.


Total Downloads: 74025th August 2018
13 Comments and 11 recommendations, most say "Think Twice"

The 72-Second Experiment Challenge

Let me put it simply: You have 72 hours to make a map with EXACTLY 72 seconds of playtime.

We often talk about how it’s better to have shorter, more polished maps than longer weaker ones. By “polished”, we do not just mean visuals (lighting, textures, environmental art), but also gameplay, interaction, storytelling, soundscapes etc.

You can make your map action packed or only have a few interactions. It could be a beautiful scene that the player walks through and relaxes, a non-stop gunfight, or anything in between.

For example, you could create a map that can be finished in 72-seconds but only if done perfectly. That would allow replayability in trying to find the optimum way to complete the map.

You can simply submit a map that can be played in one 72-second sitting.

There is an OPTIONAL template for you to use, that fades in from black, lasts 72 seconds and then fades out. The fades last 1 second each. Mappers may extend the “black screen” time at either or both ends of the map, to display text.

Ideally, we would like the text to be kept to a minimum. Everything should really be contained within the 72-seconds gameplay.

Locations, events, style of map are all open. The only limitation is the 72 seconds.

Be aware that the minimum AND maximum playtime of the map is 72 seconds. Don’t think that you can create a huge map and allow the player to reach certain points and autosaves. That is not the idea we are looking for.

If your map lasts longer than 72-seconds after the fade-in, it will be considered a bonus map.


11am UTC Monday 27th August 2018

That’s 72 hours.

24th August 2018 6 Comments