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for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

ToxicVille is the second mapping challenge in The Hammer Cup 2017, a series of five mapping challenges spread throughout the whole of 2017, each with a different theme.

It contains 18 entries.

The focus of this theme was clever and interesting use of the radioactive toxic goo from Half-Life 2.


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Livestreams: Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th April

Hello my little headcrabs. This weekend, I will be continuing my Level Design Academy practise. In case you don’t know, the LDA is an on-going project where Don teaches me how to map for Goldsource.

The streams will consist of my practising creating basic corridors with a view to developing my skills. I will also be starting Half-Life and observing the design and construction of its corridors.

Both streams, Saturday and Sunday, will start at 2pm Central European Summer Time (12pm GMT, 1pm BST, 8am Eastern US) on Saturday the 15th.

On Sunday, I will continue the same process.

Each stream will last between 90 to 120 minutes.

12th April 2017 11 Comments

April 2017 General Chat

Hello April, where have you been all my life?

I plan to map a bit this month, and I might focus on corridors and doors. I’ll add a few maps and mods, plus a few streams. Who knows, maybe even a WHAT THE HEADCRAB! episode.

I’m going away for a long weekend on the 5th until 9th, so there won’t be any updates on the site until after that.

I’ll be talking about a book I read in a comment, when I get back from holiday called Armour by John Steakley – I FREAKING loved it.

What about you? What plans or aims do you have for April?

3rd April 2017 8 Comments