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September 2016 General Chat

OK, first things first: this is Don posting now. I’m not taking over the RTSL site, but I offered to be an interim admin to keep things going while Phillip is on sabbatical.

I’m going to simply be keeping an eye on the site. The regular weekend streams of The Ville Retrospective, Classic of the Month, and Source of Fame will resume shortly and we’ll keep those going. New maps and mods will still be posted in this interim time.

In case you don’t know me, I am Don AKA Unq (short for Unquenque) – Half-Life fan and mapper since the early days. I’ve been a part of the PlanetPhillip/RTSL community for over 5 years, and I currently run the Classic of the Month streaming event where I pick a new Half-Life or Op4 mod to play.

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BM Overtime

for Black Mesa

Although Gordon managed to survive the resonance cascade and escape the laboratories, the situation was rapidly deteriorating.

His only hope of reaching safety was the Black Mesa Transit System.

Typically the one available tram was on the far platform. With the bridging offices becoming increasingly overrun with hostile lifeforms Gordon would have to work overtime if he was to make it.


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I’m Taking a Partial Sabbatical

Hi Everybody,

I have some surprising news.

Over the last few years I have felt increasing pressure running the site. Remember, in various forms, I have been running the site for almost exactly 13 years. That’s a long time. During that time I have spent thousands of hours working on it. I feel that I’ve done a pretty good job at promoting SP maps and mods.

Recently, it has felt more like a burden than a hobby. Every weekend is planned around streams and work that needs to be done on the site. Every week day, most my free time is spent doing something related to the site.

I need a rest. A proper rest. Not just a few weeks. Even during my “holiday” I felt obligated to check in and see what’s happening. That’s wrong.

I heard something on The Goldberg’s last night. Somebody said “I just wanna ride my bike and play video games”. And that’s exactly how I feel. It’s time for me to be a consumer not a creator.

I feel that I have been trying to promote SP Half-Life stuff alone, of course I haven’t, but that’s just how it feels. I have tried so many different projects, initiatives, ideas and events. Some have been mildly succesful, others failures, but at least I tried.

One of the reasons I renamed the site from Planetphillip to RunThinkShootLive was because I wanted more community involvement. Something more like LambdaGeneration, but that takes a lot of work and it never really had the effect I had hoped for.

I have been thinking about closing the site for a few years now and over the past few months that feeling has become stronger.

Unlike last time, which was a reaction to a big problem with ModDB, I will be giving people and myself time to transition.

2nd September 2016 103 Comments