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Down Time

for Half-Life

“You are Gordon Freeman once again. It’s several months after the Black Mesa incident and you are living in an isolated area of New Mexico.

You keep a few Xen creatures around for entertainment but, things are out of control.

It’s time to “clean up” around the house and go to the beach.

After that, your going to investigate a rumour the military has taken over the powerplant nearby. Then, it’s time for a cold one with your friends.”


Total Downloads: 3,34624th May 2015
18 Comments and 12 recommendations, 5 say "Play It Now!"

Mini-Recommendation Images for Mapping Challenges

I am very pleased to announce that the site has a new feature. From today, it is possible to add mini-recommendation images to each entry in the Mapping Challenge releases.

The images can ONLY be used for the mapping challenges, and the section that allows you to simply click an image and add it is ONLY available if the release is a Mapping Challenge.

24th May 2015 4 Comments

Classic of the Month Podcast – Mods 1,2, 3 & 4

Don and Phillip chat about the first 4 mods from the Classic of the Month event.

Each mod has been updated with new screenshots as well as Don’s video playthrough on the RTSL YouTube Channel.

For reference the mods are: Poke 646, Minerva, Absolute Redemption and Deliverance.

Just as a reminder: Every reader who reviews the all the Classic of the Month mods in any given year will be entered into a prize draw. your reviews will need to be post AFTER the livestream – so any reviews posted before, do not count.

24th May 2015 2 Comments

RaiseTheBarVille Podcast

Myself, Dan and Erik discuss the RaiseTheBarVille joint Mapping Challenge mod.

We talk about each map in detail and Dan & Erik go a little deeper into their maps

There’s even a little bonus chat at the end.

24th May 2015 7 Comments

Killzone Source

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

This is a recreation/interpretation/re-imagining of the Strange Company Mission from the game, although it is not a exact copy.

Your mission is to collect intel by acquiring laptops and find the spy.

Your companion will provide invaluable help and there are some support soldiers scattered about the area.

Good Luck!


Total Downloads: 3,56823rd May 2015
40 Comments and 10 recommendations, most really enjoyed it!

Big Bang

for Half-Life 2

You find yourself in Combine base.

Explore the areas you can reach but be aware that the Combine will quickly learn of your presence.

How far can you reach?


Total Downloads: 1,38122nd May 2015
24 Comments and 22 recommendations, 9 say "Play It Later"

Zombie Attack

for Half-Life 2

You find yourself in a room. One door and a few windows.

There are a few crates, two barrels and a hidden turret.

You have one minute before zombies start coming through the door.

Can you survive?


Total Downloads: 83421st May 2015
10 Comments and 8 recommendations, most haven't enjoyed it


for Half-Life 2

Collect your suit and some supplies, watch Alyx kill a zombie and start your journey into weirdness.

This is a nightmare and everywhere you look something is trying to kill you, even your supposed friends.

At one point is a leap of faith. Sometimes it’s better to have no faith.


Total Downloads: 80820th May 2015
9 Comments and 5 recommendations, most say "Think Twice"

Prison Break

for Half-Life 2

A riot breaks out as the prison is infested with headcrabs.

Fortunately, you have survived the initial attack but now you have zombies and Combine prison guards to worry about.

Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the situation, if only you could get out of your cell.


Total Downloads: 1,00019th May 2015
14 Comments and 12 recommendations with no significant bias

Mod Appreciation Week

Today, those clever chaps over on ModDB have launched what they call Mod Appreciation Week and I feel the gaming community should support it.

Currently can’t easily give donations to modders but we can show them how much we appreciate their work.

All the mods on their site will have a Lovebar. A place where you can tweet, Facebook or Reddit your appreciation.

It’s a bit more complicated than that, but it’s still easy to do, so instead of repeating all the details, just visit the page above you’ll understand.

Oh, I forgot to mention that by participating in the event, you’ll get a chance to win one of hundreds of Steam keys for some amazing games.

You don’t need to be a Headcrab to jump at that!

18th May 2015 1 Comment