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The Cupboard of Doom

for Half-Life

About Author’s Note: “This is a very short one episode, inspired by a nightmare I was once told about. You may or may not find it slightly disturbing. Hint: after the climactic point of the episode, it is possible to escape…” Basic Details Title: The Cupboard of Doom File Name: hl1-sp-the-cupboard-of-doom.7z Size : 358 kB… Read More


Total Downloads: 17530th December 2005
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Evil Space

for Half-Life

Story From the read me: “The peaceful people of the planet Arzakum lived in peace for more than 10,000 years. But then, an Arzakum spaceship went far away through the space to another planet.When it was near the end of the journey a spaceship with humans captured it and they killed all living beings on… Read More


Total Downloads: 1,0604th December 2005
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Combine Destiny

for Half-Life 2

Rebels have made a base at the top of a mountain near a town called Coonersville. The Combine decided to send Headcrab canisters into the town instead of trying a normal assault and possibly wasting Combine lives and resources. After a suitable period of time to allow the Headcrabs to do their work, a sweeper team is sent in to secure the town and capture the base.


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