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Alien Host

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Here is another alien invasion idea similar to the Trust Mod Idea. However this story has a more detailed background that I have taken care to ensure is as realistic as possible. Too often in these types of stories the actions that either lead up to or happen just after the invasion are beyond belief. I keep saying to myself “there’s no way they would do that!”. As I’ve said, in this story I’ve tried to make the action believable. Whether I’ve done that or not only you can decide.

6th March 2005 5 Comments

Day Hard Part 3

for Half-Life 2

About Part 3 of this generally well-received single player Half-Life 2 map series. Make sure you have played the other two first! Basic Details Title: Day Hard Part 3 File Name: Size : 7.6Mb Author: Carlo Piscicelli Date Released: 05 March 2005 Related Day Hard Complete Screenshots Click on the thumbnails below to open… Read More

Total Downloads: 05th March 2005
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Surgery Game Idea

Overview To perform surgery and save patients! The gameplay would revolve around very delicate movements with your mouse and the correct selection of tools for the operation. The learning curve would be steep, it wouldn’t be designed for arcade play. Below is a draft list of possible game features. They are in no particular order… Read More

4th March 2005 4 Comments