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Latest 25 Comments
06 Sep 2023 Half-Shell Short, but good. There is no reason not to play it right away.
02 Jan 2023 City 17 is Far Away A Half-Life 2 adventure just the way I like it. The battles nicely balanced; not too hard, but no...
18 May 2022 Half-Life: Field Intensity Simply WOW! The game is definitely a worthy personal favorite. I love mods where you get deep in...
22 Apr 2022 Uzvara Graphically a great map, but unfortunately far too short and abruptly over. I really hope that yo...
11 Aug 2020 Combine Combat A fantastic mod. An excellent environment, challenging fights, everything was great. Unfortunatel...
07 Aug 2020 Half-Life: Somatic Short, but nice. Combine architecture under a church? I've never seen this before. :D
02 Aug 2020 Deep Down "The Adventure continues soon..." I hope so. The Mod ist perfect.
19 Jul 2020 2020 General Chat Black Mesa is a good mod, but have you ever played "Black Mesa: Military"? :-) https://steamco...
16 May 2020 Half-Life: Echoes Echoes is, beside the mod "Black Mesa", for me the best Half-Life-1-Mod I've ever played. I loved...
15 May 2020 The Grid - Map Labs #7 I can't play the game. Game starts and then quits after the valve intro screen. One second I see ...
08 May 2017 Kallaim The map is absolutly worth to play it. The only thing, who is not so good: The map is too short. ...
05 May 2017 Left 4 Dead in Ravenholm I love this map. It's always nice to fight side by side with Alyx, Barney und Father Grigory. Fat...
04 Oct 2016 Deep Down Thanks for the information with "secondary attack (default = right mouse click)". My problem was:...
03 Oct 2016 Leon's Coastline to Atmosphere On of the best mod I every played. Thanks you very much, Leon, for this wonderful mod. :)
11 Sep 2016 Lake 17: Inland Beach - Chapter 01 Hi PlanetPhillip, have you forgot to do what you've planed? I can't see a download link for La...
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