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Latest 25 Comments
02 Apr 2024 Lambda Station This map was made by FiEctro
29 Mar 2024 Deth Link does not work but there is a DL here -
22 Sep 2023 Ground Zero I was stuck at a few places that I noclipped through :- 1. The very first room with radioactiv...
20 Sep 2023 Ground Zero 2: Fallout Just an addendum, I just thought of browsing ModDB and it seems PsyWarVeteran has also made a bar...
20 Sep 2023 Ground Zero 2: Fallout I have fixed the stuck barrel issue via entity editing - He...
16 Sep 2023 Little Escape This mod is buggy because the liblist.gam is incorrect. Need to specify gearbox as the fallback d...
16 Sep 2023 EP RST I found a reference to this map here - It's thanks to 23Down m...
03 Jun 2015 One Per Day - Have Your Say Quality control has become an issue at GameB, too. I disagree with quality control. Also one thin...
21 Jan 2015 Poll Question 306 - What's the longest break you have had from playing HL games and mods since you first started? I played HL back when I was a kid; no Steam was there at that time. Many years after discovered m...
24 Feb 2012 DAV Pack 1 Well, this MOD is absolutely fun to play. Considering that it is DAV's first effort for HL, it's ...
22 Feb 2012 Edge Of Darkness EoD reeks of quality and fun. It is clearly evident that author really has put in lots of effort ...
21 Feb 2012 Radix Rumble :- HAHAHA!!! This map is really hilarious :D. It has nice application of sounds with ole"...
21 Feb 2012 Azure Sheep Training Course :- Only one word for the training course... SUPERB!!! Training course mapping i...
18 Feb 2012 Someplace Else This MOD or rather map is 20 minutes of FUN!!! Mapping is really nice. A new architecture has be...
16 Feb 2012 Alternative Way Part 1 Nice MOD :D. The beginning is a bit *cough* crappy. The building is improperly made and lots o...
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