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I like to play how the authors intend for the game to be played: In horror games I take everything slow and in action games I play how the pacing goes.

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Gamer since birth

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  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  2. Mass Effect series
  3. NFS Most Wanted

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  • Mapping: A lot
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Latest 25 Comments
08 Apr 2015 Poll Question 310 - How important is how long a release took to make? Doesn't matter, like, at all.
05 Apr 2015 HunterVille Hunter 1: The detailing was good at first, but was really lazy in the outside bit. I didn't like...
29 Mar 2015 Project: Blue Room After the boring and tedius start this map really hit it off, it was awesome!
26 Mar 2015 Cremation Other than the overall feel of the maps and the level of detail, it has no redeeming features. Th...
22 Mar 2015 Poll Question 309 - For the next Half-Life game, what are you more interested in? (choose 2) I'd love to see the uprising going so far that the metrocops would turn against the combine
21 Mar 2015 RaiseTheBarVille - Joint Mapping Challenge with MapCore Hmm the theme/objective is too hard to understand for me so I'll step out of this one and work on...
06 Mar 2015 Poll Question 308 - Are you excited about the VR news from Valve? I never cared for the VR tech nor do I care about it now. I doubt it will become a thing, but we'...
27 Feb 2015 Horrorville The start of this map was scary, it really got me in the mood. The voice acting was spot on too...
27 Feb 2015 Half-Life 3 Review Writing Competition Oh sorry I missed that >_< And yeah I saw the e-mail
27 Feb 2015 Half-Life 3 Review Writing Competition Gnarly, where do I post this review?
26 Feb 2015 Forest Train Theres not much to say for this one. Beautiful mapping, solid gameplay and a great start and endi...
26 Feb 2015 Deep Down I liked the length, cool locations and mechanics. The mines and the rooftop part stuck out to m...
26 Feb 2015 Poll Question 307 - How long will you play until turning on GOD mode? I never put god mode on, but if I realize a map is too unfair against me I'll just enable noclip ...
22 Feb 2015 Introduce Yourself Technically you can play it in EP2, but it has puzzles that can't be bypassed without having 2 pl...
22 Feb 2015 Introduce Yourself Hello everybody! I am Emnu, a mapper from Finland. I started mapping in 2008 or something, and...
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