Time Travel Gameplay Idea

30th October 2005

I've just finished watching Twelve Monkeys and although I've seen it before I stilled enjoyed it. I was wondering whether the concept of being sent back and retrieved in time could be used in a game. Now I know there have been a few games where time travel is part of the story (and in fact one of my mod stories has time travel as its basic tenet


  1. Darth Marsden

    I’ll bring up Timesplitters : Future Perfect, where you’re often in situations where you have to fight with another version of yourself. I haven’t played it, but there’s some points where you have to cover your previous self while he (you?) achieves an objective – say, destroy a generator – and you later on you play that character while the game’s AI plays your other self covering you.

    If that makes sense.

    It’s apparently very interesting, so perhaps someone who’s actually played it might give their thoughts as to how it worked?

  2. Sounds almost exactly like my idea, or should I say my idea sounds exactly like theirs!. Damn, I though I was onto something. I suppose it would be naïve for me to think that I can think of something that hasn’t already been done.

    It comes back to the age-old game-developing proverb:
    “It’s the implementation that counts, not the basic idea!”

    And no, that’s not really an age-old game-developing proverb, I just made it up, sounds good though, don’t you think?

  3. Darth Marsden

    That’s signature worthy material, my friend. Signature worthy!

    I tried to find a mention of the time travel section in a couple of reviews, but none of them seem to mention it… How very strange.

  4. Darth Marsden

    Actually, belay that… here you go.

    “Featuring innovative ‘meet and assist yourself” game-play, TimeSplitters Future Perfect challenges you to team up with past, present and future versions of yourself as you battle your way through an action-packed story spanning more than 500 years and loaded with the series” trademark humor.”

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