This Weekend’s Livstream Schedule: ElevatorVille, Decay and HL1 Anthology Giveaway

11th November 2015

We have at least two livestreams scheduled for this weekend and hope many of you can watch and join in the chat.

Phillip will also be finishing Coastline to Atmosphere at some point during the weekend. Check the RTSL Twitter feed for the latest details.

In addition to the streams, we are starting what we hope will be a new regular feature: A live game giveaway.

So, check out the details below and we hope to see you online with us.

All the streams are on the RTSL Twitch Channel with chat enabled.

The Ville Retrospective: ElevatorVille with Darren A.K.A CustomGamer

This week Darren continues his playthroughs and design analysis of the early Mapping Challenges event called The Ville Retrospective. This week it is ElevatorVille.

The theme required entrants to create puzzles to allow an elevator to work or open. They were allowed any style or combinations of styles. There are 6 entries in this mod, all offering something interesting and challenging.

The livestream is scheduled to start 1pm GMT Saturday, although Darren is normally online about 10 minutes before that.

Decay with Don A.K.A Unq and Phillip A.K.A. PlanetPhillip

This stream is not part of an event, but something that Don and Phillip have wanted to do for a while. If you don’t know, Decay was a Half-Life game originally released on Sony’s PlayStation 2 console. It was ported to PC and made into a mod. It is possible to play alone, but it was really designed as a two-play co-operative game. so that’s how Don and Phillip will be playing it.

Both Don and phillip will be streaming on their channels (Phillip from the RTSL channel and Don from his personal one and through the glory of modern technology, you can actually watch both at the same time! Obviously, you will need to mute one channel, otherwise it will be impossible to listen to.

The stream will be stopped and started at each mission/chapter to make it easy for when it is uploaded to YouTube. It hasn’t been decided yet exactly how the video will be created, but it is hoped that both screens will be visible, via some sort of split screen format.

Phillip will be explaining how to install, setup and play with a friend (or enemy) on the Decay page itself on Saturday, along with any other information required to get it working.

The livestream is scheduled to start 2pm GMT Sunday, and Phillip will be online about 10 minutes before that.

Game Giveaway: HL1 Anthology

A a random point during Don and Phillip’s stream, they will pause the playthrough and ask a question related to one of the games included in the HL1 Anthology. The first person to post the answer in the chat wins the pack. Yes, we know that 99% of RTSL readers already have the games, but you must have a friend who would like it!


We hope to see you in the chat.

This post is a temporary post, it will be deleted next Monday.

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