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FusionVille 2 – Map Labs #10

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Once again RunThinkShootLive partnered with Map Labs to bring you another Ville sequel. This time, it’s the follow-on to perhaps the highest quality mapping challenge we have here at RTSL: the excellent FusionVille.

In FusionVille 2, authors were challenged to combine 3 of the following previously-used themes, half from RTSL and half from Map Labs:

  • Bridge
  • Toxic
  • Teleport
  • Liberation
  • Vertical
  • Episode One
  • Two Rooms
  • Think Tank
  • Companion Piece
  • Back on Track

So here is FusionVille 2, Map Labs #10. It has 10 entries along with 2 bonus maps. Hope you enjoy, there are some pretty unique maps here!

As always, if you’re interested in learning more about Map Labs and maybe even participate in their upcoming challenges, visit the Map Labs Discord.


Total Downloads: 83013th September 2020
22 Comments and 2 recommendations, most really enjoyed it!

Rebel Surge

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

After the explosion in Nova Prospekt, Gordon Freeman teleports to City 16, right during the beginning of the uprising.

The mod features replayability, based on difficulties.
The chosen difficulty in Options BEFORE LAUNCHING A MAP will affect many things during your playthrough.
The author highly recommends to play on Normal difficulty during your first playthrough.


Total Downloads: 1,22128th March 2020
27 Comments and 12 recommendations, most say "Play It Now!"