Switching Weapons

1st March 2006


Just a quick question for you: How often do you switch weapons when playing SP Games?

Am I the only player who rarely switches weapons? I was playing a Chaser mod last night called Longwood Complex when I noticed I that although I had collect about 5 other weapons I hadn’t switched to any of them! That isn’t strictly true because I switched from the pistol to the first rifle I collected but that was it, no other switches.

I then realized that this was a pattern and I did it in every other game I played as well. The pattern goes something like this:

  • Collect first projectile weapon offered
  • Collect and switch to first rifle offered
  • Continue collecting every weapon offered
  • Eventually collect my favourite weapon for that game
  • Continue using this weapon until ammunition runs out
  • Play with second choice until I find ammunition for favourite weapon
  • Continue like this for the rest of the game

Of course certain situation require certain weapons; sniper rifle or rocket launcher etc but in general I normally play with just one.

This weapon switching may or may not be important at my skill level but choosing the right weapon for the right situation (and choosing very quickly) might be important at higher skill levels.

So come on, be honest. Are you an amateur (like me) or professional?

Have any other thoughts about switching weapons?


  1. Ryan "Quakis" Rouse

    Yeah, once I get a weapon that I really like I rarely switch to others unless its a boss fight. In Quake4 I stuck with the very first machine gun a lot of the times, only switching when I needed to the most – I found that machine gun to be very powerful for a first weapon too.

  2. Kartones

    Me too 🙂

    I love shotguns… In almost all Quakes and Dooms it ends being my most used weapon.

    I think that the only game(s) in which I’ve switched weapons a lot is Serious Sam games. As you have lots of ammo and huge amount of enemies, I switched often to try new techniques, or to repelish first another weapon (and then get used to it and used it for that level).

    Oh yes! In blood I loves the flare-guns, dynamite, dual shotguns, fork… That is another example of game with fun weapons

  3. Darth Marsden

    Generally I tend to switch between shotguns up close, the machine gun for normal combat and the sniper rifle or pistol for far off enemies.

    Perhaps that’s why I’m getting bored with FPS games – they rarely don’t have those weapon types. I hardly ever use explosive weapons (I tend to just injure myself with them most of the time) and alien weapons don’t even get a look in. It’s always the tried and trusted, every time.

    Here’s a question though – would you play an FPS which DIDN’t have a machine gun?

  4. You pose an interesting question but one that, for me anyway, is irrelevant. Let me explain why. Unless I am writing a preview then I avoid anything and everything to do with the game. I prefer not to know.

    For me knowing what weapons I will get and what enemies I will face are spoilers. I like Books, movies and games to give nothing away until I’m actually playing it.

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