Resistance Outpost 712

for Half-Life 2

27th May 2005

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games Half Life 2 Doom 3 Far Cry Unreal UT2004 Quake Mods

The uprising against the Combine rages on, and the rebels supplies have been stretched thin.
Past the outskirts of City17 and not far beyond Ravenholm lies an old manor house. Nestled deep in the woods, it was once used as a rebel base,

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  1. dethtoll

    There doesn’t seem to be any ending to the map, and the map is just a tad buggy. (example: you can’t see between floors, and windows are just grey squares when you’re more than 2 feet away.)

    the architecture is solid, however, and the concept is creepy. ever since the ravenholm mod i’ve wanted to see more “house in the woods” type deals. hopefully we’ll see something like that, only larger than this or the house in the ravenholm mod.

  2. tony

    I have played this mod and its quite great, though the architecture in some places is quite buggy. This mod does have a ending. Once you find the supplies on the top-most room of the house you have to throw them out of the window outside. Now once you also get out of the house you have to take the supply boxes and put them on the truck one by one.

  3. Zakalwe

    A nice, short map. I didn’t find/experience any bugs during regular play, unlike tony. What I did have to do however, to officially complete the map, was pick-up the supply crates and throw tham in the back of the truck, sort-of through the NPC driver guy. First time around I just tossed ’em in the back from the passenger-side of the truck and the game didn’t end.

    Like Phillip, I don’t particularly care for zombie maps (which is rather odd because I do like horror as a genre) but I did like this one. Worth the download for a quick and spooky map.

  4. dethtoll

    this map is buggy, and slightly ugly, but I enjoy the concept. I only wish the mansion had been far bigger- i’d love to see a mod that combines RE-style exploration with the overall ravenholm/dead sector theme.

  5. dethtoll

    oh wow, I totally didn’t notice i’d already posted a comment. lolz

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