Remote Helicopter

31st March 2004


I saw this item on the BBC technology news page. I thought it would be cool if a player can deploy a mini helicopter that contains a camera.

This would be perfect for reconnaissance. Just imagine getting into a tight spot and needing to know what’s around the corner or in the next room. All you do is select it like anyother usable item and off it goes. I cut screen displays the images from its camera in one corner of your screen and you control it like your character.

The enemies would need to be able to shoot it down other wise it might prove too useful and spoil the game. Perhaps it could be a use-once item? Maybe the fuel lasts for a certain time, perhaps 30 seconds. It might prove difficult to have the enemy shot it down, so perhaps the idea of the fuel running out would be better. You could even collect it later as you pass the area where the fuel ran out and perhaps re-fuel it?

So what do you think good or bad, easy to do or just too much trouble?


  1. anonymous123

    Easy to do and useful. I think you should have it being able to be shot down and having limited fuel. Also, it shouldn’t be too fast.

  2. anonymous123

    Sorry about the typos, the comment box prevents you from seeing certin things that you write.

  3. Yes, I noticed that. The box scrolls across the page! You can scroll it back by dragging your mouse to the left, but I accept it’s a pain. I’m going to try and solve the issue next week.

    I agree that it should be able to shot down as well as not moving too fast. One thing that I’ve just thought of is it would be great if somebody good make a mod for Half-Life 2, so that you could capture that hovering photograph thingy and use it as your own surveillance equipment!

  4. The problem with the comments area width is now fixed.

  5. anonymous123

    Noticed some time ago. Thank you very much for doing so.

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