Poll Question 185 – How long do you leave between replaying mods?

13th August 2010

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I read quite a lot but recently I haven’t had access to new books, so I have had to start re-reading some old ones. Some I remember very well and stop reading almost before the end of the first chapter, others seemed to have faded from memory and only some things are familiar.

At first i thought it was simply the amount of time between each reading but now I don’t think it’s that simple. I then thought it was how much I enjoyed the book the first time, and again, I now don’t. To be honest I’m not sure exactly what it is, but it’s interesting.

With so few new releases in the last few months, I am sure a lot of readers have been replaying mods they have played before and I wonder if you set yourself a special amount of time between replays.

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  1. Shadowmancer471

    The only mod Ive ever double completed was MINERVA.
    And that was because the first time through, I still had my incompetent, decrepit computer.

    Other than that, I see no reason to replay one, yet I love playing them and getting all the good new ones

  2. 23-down

    I just replay mods which I’ve liked in the first place…

    All remaining stuff don’t get a replay ever or not in a very very long time.

    I create my modlists for the different games.. Things I liked will be mentioned in my game lists.

  3. marnamai

    I don’t replay most mods, but some of the really good ones, like minerva, mission improbable, dangerous worlds and eye of the storm, those I replayed instantly after completing them. Occasionally I replay them, when I am not mapping for downfall or playing another game.

  4. AI

    I voted “no set time”! When I’m bored, I’ll pick a few from the mass I’ve got stored, and play thru ’em! With all the mods I track the release dates seem to be mostly “TBD”! I started to play thru the HL series again (a refreshing change in pace) maybe someday things will change?? 🙂

  5. It’s not just time between replaying, there are a number of factors that contribute to how “fresh” a mod, or any form of entertainment, feels when repeated.

    Time between replaying will affect your general memory, and a longer mod will require you to remember more content. If you played through the mod in many shorter sessions, instead of fewer longer session, it will result in remembering each part of the mod more clearly (people tend to remember the beginning and end of something, more sessions = more beginnings and endings) Playing many other similar mods will result in the content of mods getting more mixed up in memory, but a mod with unique content will tend to avoid that affect.

  6. It’s very rare when I end up replaying a mod.

    I generally replay mods that had scenes that made me interested- for example, recently I re-downloaded Missing Information because I enjoyed some of the chapters on it, even though it’s really buggy as hell right now.

    If I don’t do that, I end up doing it in a month.

  7. I generally don’t replay mods. I already have a backlog of mods I’m looking forward to playing and with the limited time I have to play them, more are probably going to pile up.

    At the moment, the only time I will replay a mod is if I get part way through it and leave it for a while and forget what happened at the beginning.

    If I ever get through my backlog I may consider replaying older mods.

  8. I play all the good replayable mods and map packs (not maps) many times.
    At first and on the trot; Easy, Normal and Hard.
    Then back to Normal for a jolly good explore of the maps and combat gameplay techniques. Then back to Hard again to exploit my knowledge of the mod.

    After that? It depends entirely on the complexities and replayability of the mod.
    On the one hand, I was relieved to finish Minerva Metastasis in Hard and it was at least 2 years before I played it again.
    This mod is a classic but there’s not much room (or time!) for exploration and very little scope for combat tactics, It’s pretty much mostly “Run & Gun’

    On the other Hand, I’ve already played Strider Mountain about 10 times.
    Offshore at least 6 times and probably more.

    I’d guess that I play the classics including retail HL2 Episode 2 about every 9 to 12 months on average.

    So. whenever I feel like it.

  9. At this time I just replayed some mods that I was want to replay. It’s only concerned mods that I really enjoyed like Azure Sheep, Poke 646,Life’s End, or HQ series…

    Around one time a year I think.

  10. GoodGuyA

    I only replay mods if I didn’t get through them the first time, like I need to get back to MINERVA.

  11. Mikko Sandt

    Since there are so many good, replayable mods (Duke3D & HL mostly) out there, it takes at least a year for me to replay a replayable mod. In fact, I’d put the average around two years.

    As for books, I have read only one book twice (Starship Troopers) even though I read quite a lot.

  12. Dusty

    I was fit to be tied when Steam fixed what wasn’t broken and cause a mod catastrophe..lol.. Ummm months some times days others

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