Poll Question 125 – Do you think there are some great mods waiting to be found?

24th May 2009

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Between PP and City17 I think that we have 99% of all SP maps and mods released, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great maps and mods waiting to be found.

I recently added Run From Hell which is from 5 years ago but was only recently brought to my attention.

So the question is do you think there are some great mods waiting to be found?

I do. I am pretty sure there are there are some sitting on a HDD not released.

Here’s another question…How do we find them?

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  1. demoneyeoffire

    of course there are… and that’s part of the fun of having them, that Idea that there is still something to play, something new to try, and something else to experience. If you try to play all of them you (might) become a person whom hangs on every map sight waiting for the newest mod to be released which may put you through A depression.

    please note: this is just a opinion/hypothesis don’t take it too seriously

    1. Perhaps I should have been clearer in the main post. I am talking about old, finished mods. Mods that have been made and relased but never got coverage or not released for various reasons.

  2. Jasper

    I voted no but want to be wrong. I search regularly but to no avail – yet.

  3. Senator33

    We hear so little from our Asian brothers, though SMOD was a wonderful creation from Japan.

    One wonders if there is some great material buried on an Asian website, separated from us by a linguistic barrierl?

  4. Always! So voted yes.

    Senator33 you are right. I’m sure there are some good asian mods. We just need to find them.

  5. 23-down

    I’m sure there are still some great mods out there. But I Don’t khow how it looks for the other games except half-life.

    As for Half-Life there also many great mods out there which doesn’t fit with your policy like hl wanted for example. Mods which aren’t settled in the hl universe but still are very great innovative and with a good story. In that matter it’s a contradiction to say you have 99% of all sp maps\mods at least in the hl sector.

    A side of that I think there are still a lot of good mods\maps to be found especially on russian, czech and other county sites. Unfortunately most of those people never released their mods international. That’s the reason why it’s so hard to find them.

    There also still some english mods left to be find. The last hl1 english mod found was Operation Fire Sweep and this one was released many years ago. So the mods exist we just need to find em.

  6. Anonymous


  7. It seems like you are asking if we think there is life out in space.. 😀 Anyways, I definitely think there are some good mods out there waiting to be found, they are just really well hidden. I’ve also noticed that a lot of the mods made are German or Russian, so maybe we aren’t searching for the mods in the right language!

  8. Zockopa

    If you are talking HL/HL2 im sure 99% is covered by both sites. I dont believe that there are huge amounts of hidden treasures anywhere for both games. Especially not if its good and finished work. Probably a couple unfinished map packs or mods are still somewhere stored away. And even one or another map. Ok. In Asia fps are not that popular than in the western hemisphere. I also think this is true for other games like Quake 2,Unreal,RTCW or Jedi Knight and even for Far Cry or the Thief games.

  9. Mick

    I think there’s something out there that someone is working on. Anyone remember Poke646 for the original H-L? That was probably THE best H-L mod of them all.

    Maybe a conversion of that to run under H-L2 would be awesome.

  10. Yeah, I think there is a pretty large amount of decent mods still to be discovered primarily due to language issues. If a mod is good, it will be kept by SOMEBODY, and eventually someone will mention it to someone else and it will find a way into public view.

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