Poll Question 103 – What time of day do you prefer to play SP mods?

16th November 2008

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Does it matter?

Actually I think it does, especially for certain types of mods. I’m not sure how much fun dark, scary mods would be at 10:00am in the mornign. Even if you had the curtain closed, the ambient noise and your state of mind all play a part.

Personally I prefer to play sometime in the afternoon for two reasons. Firstly becasue whatever I am doing just beofre I go to bed I often dream about it. I sleep badly as it is and to spend the night with Headcrabs jumping at my face would make it even worse. The second reason is that I like sitting down at my desk and knowing I have plenty of time ahead of me to paly. I can’t really get into a mod if I know I have to stop after a short while. Admittedly I don’t play for long periods any more but I like to have that option!

What about you?

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  1. CrowbarSka

    I prefer to play at night, but then I prefer to do everything at night. I would be nocturnal if ‘regular” life allowed it. I’m not sure why, perhaps it’s the lack of distractions. I also get problems in the day with the sunlight shining on my screen. The shape of my room doesn’t allow me to move the computer elsewhere.

  2. CrowbarSka, I bet your favourite drink is blood and you get the urge to fly.

  3. Tyr

    For me, mostly in afternoons or nights (I voted afternoons). It also depends on the mod: if its involving zombies/horror/scary elements its more fun to play in the evening/night, while some puzzle /plain shooting maps are better to play at daylight in my opinion.
    Next to that I don’t have much time in the morning and I need to sleep at night, so its a bit balanced. 🙂

  4. AlexCrafter

    I prefer night time, less distractions.

  5. firba1

    I have to say I agree with you completely, Phillip. I usually come home from school in the afternoon and play SP games and/or mods. Usually I stop around 8-9 pm, and I agree with you, having headcrabs jumping at me in my sleep would freak me out.

  6. feckineejit

    I love to play at night after a nice blaze session. Everyone else is asleep and I can lose myself in the FPS universe, whether it’s HL2 or far cry or PREY or whatever. If there was a new HL2 mod released once a week that was on par with minerva, rock 24, das roboss, Offshore, City 7, Coastline, etc. I would pay good money and I would only ever have to play hl2 mods.

  7. AI

    Being retired, there should have been one more poll entry “It dosen’t matter” But now with my new backlite keyboard, at nite in the dark is great!! The scaryier the better, I never get nitemares after movies or games! The only distraction is one time my cat jumped on the keyboard at a break during HL2! 😉

  8. Mel

    Late as possible, like CrowbarSka I am a night person. I also have the same cat problem as AI.

  9. Kyouryuu

    No particular time for me, but I do like to finish what I’ve started in as few sittings as possible. If I put something aside for more than a couple weeks, the odds of me coming back to it are rather small.

  10. SPY_maps

    i like to play good mods and games at the end of the evening. I always play then for 2 hours or so, not much more because I always notice that after 2+ hours the fun goes a bit out of it. even when it is very good what I play, then still I recognise that I start running through it, and normaly I look carefully in every corner, and investigate it all. as soon as I stop doing so I stop, it s a shame to go on like that, that’s wasting a good game. I always play very intens, and therefore only ones a game. I know some people do run through it the first time, and play it then again to look more carefully.
    games and mods that aren’t that good I sometimes play in the daytime.
    to me its very importent to have a total dark room when I sit behind my 22″, and my curtains show through a lot of light, therefore to I don’t play good stuff during daytime.
    i never play more then around 3 hours a day you could say, beside that I do map (sp-leveldesign) that takes about 2 to 8+ hours a day.


  11. TB Biggs

    I’m in the late night nocturnal group. My office is in my basement and I have a small desk lamp that (in addition to my PC screen) is the only light source! It adds a great atmosphere to slip into gameland.
    Although admittedly, I did turn on my overhead light the first time I played Ravenholm 🙂

  12. Heyzors

    Although the time I like to play during varies, I mostly like to play at night. It provides the necessities for any mod whether it needs to be scary, dark, or just be (night still works). Plus most of my favorite mod experiences have been in this setting. That is not to say evening isn’t a close-ish second.

  13. aaron_da_killa

    If its a week day than I prefer to play in the evening but if its a friday or saturday than I like to play at night time. I think the mind is more relaxed at night time, too many distractions during the day.

    Phillip, try eating cheese right before you go to bed, they say it gives you nightmares. I’d like to experiment on that one day but I need to find somebody to sleep with just incase 🙁

  14. any time I can be certain that other people won’t be bustling about around me or interrupting me every 5 minutes. I hate getting pulled back to reality just as I’m getting into a game.

  15. Any time.. anywhere. As long as I’m not driving or the bus is parked..lol

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