Poll Question 084 – Which Half-Life game would you prefer to see as a movie?

25th May 2008

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We all love the movies, don’t we? Action, romance, intrigue, the Half-Life series has them all. So….

Which Half-Life game would you prefer to see as a movie?

Silent Movies Anyone?

Put the non-speaking Freeman issue aside for a moment. Just think about the settings and story. Maybe go one step further and do a little re imagining like they did with Planet Of The Apes.

Half-Life 1

Could be a really dark, thriller. Double and triple cross from the scientists etc. Never knowing who to trust and what is around the next corner.

Opposing Force

More action than Half-Life. Definitely got a main character that could suit movies goers. Typical Hollywood fodder. Not as much depth as the first but maybe the most successful.

Blue Shift

I can just see the trailer now. “A regular guy just doing his job….Finds himself in a situation where his actions could save hundreds of lives….Will his training be enough or will he need to draw on reserves nobody knew he had? Barney Calhoun, a regular guy or hero?”

Half-Life 2

Could have been made for the big screen…big views, big enemies, big story, BIG ending. What else is needed? Well, perhaps more than just “big”. Is there really enough to keep the viewer happy? Perhaps Alyx is enough?

Half-Life 2: Episode 1

To be perfectly honest I can’t remember much about this mini-game. In fact I can’t even be bothered to search my cobwebbed memory for the details. Besides the final level, which is one of my all time favourites!

Half-Life 2: Episode 2

Now, this just maybe the the winner. Plenty of opportunities for story development, lots of actions scenes and an action finale that would blow you socks or stockings off. Not as spectacular as HL2 visually but still very interesting.


Why not also add which actor/actress you liked to see in the starring roles?


This poll is similar to Poll Question 016 but that question was not limited to the Half-Life series. This questions was inspired by Mel’s suggestion in this Forum thread. Thanks Mel.

The Poll


  1. Evil Jesus

    I think HL2 because it has much more character iteration so it would probably make a better movie and story.

  2. KruseKillZ

    I’d go for Opposing Force, it comes closest to the real movie I assume to be made of the entire Half-Life series.

    My real guess of a Movie goes to the time between HL1 and HL2, called “7 hours of war”, where the Story goes from the appearing of the Zen creatures, along the invasion of the Combine, to the surrender to the Combine, with some Soldiers trying to stop them all.

    Well, we could discuss the end, but I guess we all know that ending 😉 and please, don’t do something like Tom Cruise with his Version of “War of the Worlds”

  3. Hoyy

    I would love to see opposing force. For it go out of gordon freeman a little bit and see more thru the point o view of a soldier. that is my kind of favorite movie, with soldier. Hoyy think gordon freeman has appeared too much and any attempt to recreate a hero like gordon “cardboard box personality” freeman would fail bad.


  4. el_espaniol

    HL1 of course….You know: We have seen the last years movies from games : TombRaider, Doom, Hitman, any other one…? …
    Why not Half Life…?…

  5. Anonymous

    I miss the answer : All of them. 😀

    I also would like to see hl1 as a movie. They could include Shephard & Barney easily like in other movies where you see different sites.

    My idea for a sequel or spin off from hl1 movie would be following:

    You see a Flashback what happend in hl1 with a voice talking about it like in terminator 2 at the beginning.

    And then you see the 7 hour war.

  6. Bag, screw these, I want to see them make portal into a movie.

  7. I’ll pass on HL1, because I think that story format has made it into too many scripts already ( remember the success of the “DOOM ” movie ? ie. )

    Opposing force falls into the same category simply because of the military presence factor.

    Blue Shift could have potential with a good director and Jason Stathem as lead and with a dash of comedy.

    Half Life 2 has a strong story line, multiple expansive areas ( to take artistic liberties with ), ongoing character development and definition
    ( including the combine ), The classic “horror element of the Ravenholm segment and the zombies ( head-humper infestation ), the desolate post Armageddon atmosphere that’s so popular and most importantly, the wide open ending tailor made for a sequel.

    HL2-Episode 1 I’ve never played it a second time. Meh…

    HL2-Episode 2 has some serious potential ( as an action film ). Still a good story for script development – a mission to save the world through enemy infested terrains – boat loads of combat and a much larger emphasis on battling enemy heavyweights ( Striders, Hunters, Choppers and so on ).

    This would do very well as a blockbuster sequel to HL2 because with exception to the introduction of the Hunters, the other would naturally have some upgrades added by then.

    Actors and Actresses ? Does Gorden really have to have dialog, cause – well you know.

    Lead Actress – Halle Berry or Jessica Alba ( for their complexions and hotness )
    Lead Actor – Clive Owen or Keanu Reeves ( for their detached stalwart expressions and unspoken inner strengths )
    The role of Dr.Breen could be played by Andy Roony 🙂

    There’s my take on this whole tpoic.

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